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If I keep this Weight Watchers thing up (which I p…

If I keep this Weight Watchers thing up (which I plan to – probably for life) and continue to grow my hair out, I should look like this in no time at all! Posted by Hello


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if you’re reading this…

PLEASE COMMENT! I have 7 blogs up and nobody ever (hardly ever) leaves a comment. I’m beginning to wonder if anybody ever reads them – is there ANYBODY out there???

letting my hair down

I’m growing my hair out AGAIN. Man, if I could just make up my mind! Several years ago I had it really long and decided to cut it all off. As soon as I did, this nice lady (who we will call “Charlie’s wife”) said to me, “Well, I guess you finally realized that you were getting too old for that long, sexy hair.” That’s EXACTLY what she said, no kidding. Now, what’s up with that? Too old? I don’t think so Mrs. ….. So, I’m growing it out again. We’ll see what she says this time when I cut it all off. No, I’m not going to cut it off this time. I’m going to leave it long for the rest of my life. Do it up in one of those buns or something that looks like I just crawled out of bed. That’s the style now — the “I just crawled out of bed” look. Amazing what $.$$ people will spend on products to make their hair look like they just woke up. And the time, it takes a long time to get it to look that way. About 8 hours for me. WHAT is this world coming to??? Actually, I think I am going to be going to a wedding in the summer of 2006 and there’s that class reunion too… Yeah, I’m going to grow my hair out.

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