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I’m going to Perry’s ;~)

I’m back…

I haven’t posted in so long and I am so sorry. I have been SO busy with life stuff…wedding plans, traveling, The 3-Day, running, work, home, family (not in that order). It’s just been CRAZY around here.

I say I’m going to try to be my committed to this blog and every time I say that it just gets worse. Now ball season is just about upon us and when that starts all of life’s normal routines go flying out the window…no more family dinners together (not that there are that many anymore any how), practices to all hours.

The college kids are about to start back — that will help the food bill around here somewhat.

AND what about the price of gas!!! It’s making it harder and harder to wander down to the local Starbucks in my SUV by myself without feeling guilty.

MAN! Life IS tough!

I’ve been asking for a mini cooper, I’m SURE they must get better gas mileage than a Suburban. Wouldn’t you think?


I did it…

I made Weight Watchers Lifetime last night! I am now a lifetime member, now the real journey begins…

Mall of America 

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