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We are now the proud owner of 2 cemetery plots. There is something sobering about standing over where your body will be laid some time in the future, knowing that there will be a granite headstone with your name, birth date and date of death printed on it. It makes like seem real short.



Well, the old BIG toenails finally came off last night. 25 days after the walk. I was wondering how long it would take and what it would be like. Well, now I know! They don’t hurt though they look as if they should. I’d post a picture but you really don’t want to see ;~O
Now all I wonder is how long it is going to take for the new ones to grow in so I can go get a much needed pedicure.

a rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at work

I thought this was hilarious. Didn’t know other pe…

I thought this was hilarious. Didn’t know other people’s freezers looked like ours. Evidently, a lot of people do this. Thought we were the only ones with a freezer that looks like this! Posted by Picasa

Peachtree Classic

A personal best, the 25th anniversary 0f the Peachtree Classic 5K race in Peachtree City, Saturday, October 15, 28:30 — w/ a bum knee ;~)

This is beautiful Piedmont Park as we entered at t…

This is beautiful Piedmont Park as we entered at the end of our 3-Day journey. What a welcomed site! For more pics, see our 3-Day Blog at Posted by Picasa

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