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Good late a.m. 8-mile run. Will hit the Aleve and take the next 3 days off. U.S. 10K race on Monday.


CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!? Sonic has stolen my idea! …

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!? Sonic has stolen my idea! I got an ad in the mail just yesterday and it also on their Internet site at This is what they write, “Yes, the kids are back to school and the days are finally cooling down a little. But, grab some shades. Put on a pair of Bermuda shorts. Roll the top down and head to SONIC for the new Peach Smoothie. Made with real peaches, it’s a guilt-free way to make summer last just a little longer. Enjoy one today.” HEY Sonic, Peach Smoothies were MY idea! Posted by Picasa


Oh yes! A day off. Will run long and easy tomorrow…



OK 3+ mile run. A little weak. Will take tomorrow off (possibly) and do a long easy run on Thursday. Concentrating on proteins the next few days. Has a couple of eggs and toast for breakfast. 6 oz. of salmon on a salad for lunch and most likely a Boca burger (veggie burger) for dinner.

Couldn’t get the TV to work for my run this a.m. Tried everything (almost). All it would do is salt and pepper. Then, my 14 year old comes in and pushes 1 (one) button — the right one evidently… Kids! They think they know it all. Sometimes, I wonder if they might.


ahhhhh… the three peach smoothie and critical brain freeze.

Hit the snooze button 3 times this morning and still got in a good 3-mile run. Didn’t have to make lunches (3 lunches) — Thus the 3 snoozes.

A day for snoozes and smoothies. I’ll do better tomorrow…


Day off :~)

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