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Another day off… going to the dr (I hope).


Feeling LOUSY! Another day off.

Another Update on the Bathroom Scale

Shipped the faulty bathroom scale off to Conaire (that’s who it’s made by) for a replacement today. $11.41! Guess I’m out that much. It’s doubtful they are going to reimburse me.


3 miles. FAST run.


Fast 3-mile run.


8 miles. Easy pace. Tough afternoon run. Tough running after a Boca burger. Ugh… thought I would barf!

Camping out again…

Last night we endured our 3rd CFA Grand Opening “First 100” campout. I say “endured” because well, here’s why…

On the way to the campout I wanted to stop at a running store in Peachtree City to get a new pair of running shoes. You may have read about this in my race post last Saturday. (I was going to get them after the race but they weren’t open and well I knew I was going to be back out that way on Wednesday so I’d pick them up on the way to the campout, blah, blah, blah…) So we stop and get the shoes (and some socks). We get to the campout and we are numbers 101 and 102 :~( Oh Boy…

Remember, it’s the “First 100”. We had said we wouldn’t stay if we were not numbers 100 or below.

Now they do have a raffle in the morning for those with numbers over 100. Some of those will also win the year’s worth of free CFA. And, there is always a chance someone will leave and not stay the night and we would get their numbers, or drop down to 99 and 100, or something like that.

So, we decide to stay…

It’s cold and rain is on the way. You can’t park your car near by, so you have to drive it down to New Hope South (about a mile I guess) and are shuttled back by CFA van. The Praise Band from New Hope South is there. THEY’RE LOUD! 2 bus loads of teens from NHS show up. It’s ALL about New Hope South I’m beginning to think…

It was a pretty LOUD night (the music was loud, the people were loud, the movie was loud) and the rains did fall. Fortunately, they weren’t falling when we were packing up in the a.m. There were some obnoxious, unsupervised kids running amuck that kept kicking their ball into our tent – and others’ tents as well. Someone told them to go play somewhere else :~O

Morning comes and there is the cow in his PJs. What a funny sight!

No one left. How could they? Their cars were a mile away. What was I thinking?

Then there was the raffle. You get a ticket for every hour you are there so I felt our chances are pretty good. They will draw 8 numbers to receive the free CFA for a year. My buddy is like the 5th or 6th to win. YEAH! I win too, number 7 I think. WoW! I’m off the hook! Thought I was going to be in the dog house for sure because we stopped to get those new shoes!

Another campout ends successfully! The tent is in the sunroom drying I write. What’s for dinner tonight? I think it might be CFA…


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