2006 Peachtree City Classic 1:25

GREAT RACE! 15K (9.3 miles) 1:25. I was shooting for 1:30 so 1:25 is EXCELLENTO! I was really chilly to start off with. I seem to forget how much colder it is at the Peachtree City race than others. I guess being by the water (the lake) and in the (shady) woods on the golf cart trails most of the time makes it colder than if you were just running down Ronald Reagan Parkway or something of the sort. I would venture to guess 5° or so colder. However, by mile 2 I was glad I was only wearing a singlet and running shorts. There were people all around me pealing off jackets, shirts, hats, gloves and so on…

I made one mistake I need to avoid in the future, OK, maybe 2. First, running through the wet grass as I warmed up before the race. Got my shoes wet and I could feel it through my socks although, after the race got started it didn’t bother me at all. Second, that chocolate chocolate chip waffle I had last night. Probably not a good idea :~(

The race itself was absolutely spectacular as usual. Peaceful, quiet, a mist rising over the lake, golden leaves falling gently to the ground from the trees above, the sun making its way in tiny beams of light through the trees. You couldn’t ask for a better spot to run 9 miles!

Met some employees from a running store in Peachtree City (Run Fit Sports) at the Expo before the race. I didn’t even know there was a running store in Peachtree City until I was looking online last week for a place to purchase Clif Shot. I’m happy to report though that there IS! And now I have a new place to purchase Fuel Belt supplies, shoes, and the like. One of the employees commented on my (new) shoes saying that they were the best running shoes ever developed – BOY! That was stepping out there! Anyway, he was asking how I like them and all. I told him how happy I was with them. He said they still have some at their store. They are last year’s model. This year’s is constructed a little different and I tried them on but didn’t like them. He said they still had some left in my size and he could sell them to me for $89. I told him I got these at Phidippides for $64. He said, “We can match that.” WoW! I told him I’d be by after the race to pick up another pair. I’d been thinking about buying another pair anyway. I’ll need them before the marathon. Well, after the race I went to the store but it wasn’t open. He didn’t tell me it wouldn’t be open. I guess they didn’t have enough employees to run the set up at the Expo and the shop too. They did have quite an impressive set up at the Expo. So, I waited but no one ever showed. I walked down to the bike shop (2 doors down) and bought some Clif Shot. Still, they weren’t open. I waited until noon. Not open. I’ll be back down that way on Wednesday on the way to the First 100 camp out at Starr’s Mill. I’ll stop then and get the new shoes + I wanted another pair of injinji running socks. They carry those as well.

All in all, good race. I’m very please with my time and feel great about the whole experience.

BTY, thanks Publix for the WONDERFUL fruit! They ALWAYS do a good job but at the Peachtree Classic they outdo even themselves!


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