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6-mile run/walk. Leg started hurting right away. Tried wrapping it, but that just made it worse. Unwrapped it and ran/walked the remaining miles. Will rest tomorrow and have an easy week this week and next. That alone will help to heal this minor injury + good nutrition and getting about 10 pounds off will be an added help. Will increase my stretching as well to see if that will help. I think it may. This really is a fortunate time to have such a problem for my training schedule calls for 2 easy weeks this coming week and next — lucky for me!





GREAT fast 5-mile run. A little tight in the lower left leg but not painful. The next two weeks will be recovery weeks with only 25 miles each week. No long run on Monday. Doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate and + my running partner will not be here after all.

Went to WW last night for my monthly check-in. Have gained 9.4 lbs. since last month! WoW! Double WoW!! I was 6 tenths of a pound from having to pay. OUCH!

Today will be a throwing out day. Going to get rid of all that left over Christmas JUNK that tempts me so greatly. Will have 3 servings of the good stuff — yogurt w/live cultures. No sense in waiting ’till the New Year to get started. Running will be much easier once I get about 10 lbs. off. I think that’s probably why I have been struggling so the last few weeks.

So, a couple of weeks of recovery running and dropping 10 pounds. That should set things right for getting back to it. Only 2 long runs in the month of January, a 15-miler and a 20-miler. February will bring more long runs. a 20, 15, and 25! Looking forward to these long runs, they are most enjoyable.

Would like to drop about 20 lbs. before the marathon. I believe if I can strike a balance between light weight but not weak it will serve me well.


7-mile run\walk with little to no pain.


5-mile easy run/walk. Still nursing a strain in my lower left leg.


MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

Ease 5-mile run/walk, after all — it’s Christmas! No, seriously, I’m nursing a slight injury in the inside calf portion of my left leg. When I was stretching on Saturday, before my run, I felt something pop or snap there like the snapping of a rubber band. Probably from stretching too far. It didn’t bother me much Saturday during my run but it did today :~( Not good.

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