Today’s run (2 laps around the Rock — 10 miles) started off kind of rough. It was about 30 degrees and because the weather has been so warm I haven’t had a chance to get acclimated to the low temps. I think I got lung freeze. I had trouble getting my breath at first. Didn’t warm up like I should. After about a mile or so it got better and the second lap was much better — it had warmed up some by then so that helped.

BTW — We saw the Abominable Snowman (or woman), but that’s another post.

I feel pretty good for someone who has run 35 miles in the last week. Especially considering that is up by about 10 miles from my normal routine. The next week will only be 30 miles — including the 3-mile Jingle Jog in Peachtree City on Saturday — one of my favorite places to run, and this one will be EXTRA fun because it’s short, fast, and you get to wear a Santa hat and tie jingle bells to your running shoes :~) That aught to be annoying! but fun.

I was just thinking this afternoon about the new wardrobe I have acquired over the past 2 years — Running clothes. Things I’ve never owned before.

  1. There are assorted colors of running shorts — most of them being black and pink, I’m really not sure why
  2. A dozen+ tee shirts from races I have run — most of them short sleeve, some long
  3. A couple or so sweatshirts from races and my favorite sweatshirt from the Atlanta Track Club
  4. An ATC singlet — for the summer (won’t be wearing that any time soon)
  5. 3 or so pairs of capri length yoga pants and a couple pairs of swish pants
  6. “disposable” gloves and hats that can be thrown off at water stations during a race with no thought of ever going back to retrieve them
  7. 1 pair of compressing shorts
  8. 1 pair of leggings for really cold days like today
  9. Several pairs of Thorlo socks and a couple pairs of Injinji socks — they are the ones with toes in them for long runs (10 miles or more)
  10. Several Jog Bra tops in a variety of colors
  11. A lot of “Coolmax” and “DriFit” pieces
  12. A few jackets, one with a hood

There are other things too that I have acquired like:

  1. Several pairs of running shoes — most retired
  2. Body Glide — to keep from chaffing
  3. Breath Right strips
  4. A 4-bottle Fuel Belt
  5. Clif bars (both energy and protein) and gels
  6. Bottles of Gatoraid High Endurance
  7. Spike pills
  8. A Nike Peachtree Road Race backpack
  9. A sports watch — a really, really cheap one
  10. Several books — most of them by Jeff Galloway
  11. And there’s a collection of bookmarked websites in my Favorites

There’s probably more that I haven’t even thought of. I just think it’s kind of weird to have all of this stuff now that 2 years ago I wouldn’t have even needed (or known what to do with — some of it anyhow)

I have a “Wish List” too, full of things I’d like to add to my little “collection”, things like the Garmin Forerunner 205, a long sleeved ING Georgia Marathon tee shirt in small — available only at the BIG Peach Running Company, a red long sleeved ATC tee shirt, and so on, and so on…

OK, enough thinking… back to reality.

Will rest tomorrow and run 5 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week, resting also on Tuesday and Thursday. May (will probably — more than likely) switch Thursday and Friday.


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