Update on the Watch

Thursday was 5 weeks since I took the watch in to be cleaned — remember the post about the watch? (12.6.06) On Friday morning I called to check on it, although my last contact with them was, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you…” Guess what? THE WATCH IS BACK! “How long has it been back?” I asked. After all, they were going to call me as soon as it arrived (they had told me). Well, we don’t have any way to tell how long it’s been back. “No record of when it was returned?” I asked. That’s hard to believe. Anyway, today (Christmas Eve) was the first chance I had to go and pick it up. I KNOW, I KNOW… going into any retail environment on Christmas Eve is a BAD IDEA! I wanted my watch back THAT bad!

So, in the afternoon I headed over to JC Penney to retrieve the long lost watch. I had to wait until an “associate” could help me. Associate, I wonder why they call them that? After a brief wait of 10 minutes or so an “associate” came over to help me. I told her I was there to pick up a watch that had been out for cleaning and gave her my name. She quickly retrieved the watch from a locked drawer. THIS IS WHERE THE UNBELIEVABLE PART BEGINS…

Plastered on the outside of the envelope that the watch was in is a LARGE sticker that says, “DID NOT CLEAN!”


The watch had been to Chicago and back I find out, to the Pulsar factory. Evidently, at the Pulsar factory they don’t clean watches, just repair them, and there were no repairs to be made on this watch. So, they did nothing. Just sent it back with this BIG sticker on it. THAT took 5 weeks???!!?!?!

Evidently, watches to be cleaned go to a local jeweler. He picks up on Mondays and Thursdays and brings them back the next Monday or Thursday. This is the normal procedure.

It’s getting too ridiculous now to even be mad or get angry! The “associate” lets me know that the “local” jeweler will pick it up on Thursday this week (since Monday — tomorrow — is a holiday — Christmas). She says he will bring it back the NEXT Monday. Then, I reminder her that that too is a holiday — New Year’s Day. So, we both assume that he will pick the watch up this Thursday and bring it back the next Thursday. Another week and a half — what’s another week in a half?

She assures me there will be no charge for this. There was no charge to begin with! I’m just trying to abide by the extended warranty that was purchase for me which states that the watch must be brought in for cleaning every 6 months or the extended warranty is void.

I was relieved to know though that evidently when I bring the watch in for the next 3 6-month cleanings it should only take 3-4 days and not 4-6 weeks!


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