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I can hardly believe that 1 month of ’07 has already flown by!

5 miles w/ hill work.

4 flat and fast tomorrow and an off day on Friday.


5-mile flat run. 1 mile of speed work. I know, I know… I said I was just going to concentrate on hill work for a few weeks and then speed work. But I was very stiff this morning and a little sore — not sure from what — but I thought I’d hold off on the hill work for a day. Will do some more hill work tomorrow…

I really like mixing this hill and speed work in with the normal routine. Really makes is much more interesting!



5 miles w/hill work.

There is A LOT to be said for ANTICIPATION!

All this week I have been anticipating a great BIG Cesar salad from Quiznoes that I had planed to have on Friday. That was my “reward” for eating good and dropping 6.2 lbs. over the last month. Well, I went on Friday at 11 a.m. (as soon as they opened) and got my much anticipated salad. I took it back to my office and GUESS WHAT!?!?! They gave me RANCH dressing instead of Cesar dressing. I couldn’t believe it! I was SO bummed!!! The salad is still in the fridge. I haven’t even eaten it yet. May I’ll have it for dinner tonight.

There is a lot to be said for anticipation. Like the anticipation felt the days leading up to Christmas or the anticipation before some other special day or event.

I’ve been thinking much about the anticipation I have felt for weeks and will continue to feel over the next two months about the marathon. What if I do all this work and training and the day gets here and it’s like pouring down raining? What if just a few days before, I injure myself and am unable to run? What if I run and the run is not as glorious as I’ve imagined? What if I “hit the wall” with 5 miles to go?

All this thinking makes me very nervous! And then I remind myself, this is supposed to just be fun. I’m supposed to be having fun and enjoying this. This is not really about a race or an endurance event. This is about me, pushing myself, having fun, trying to be all that I can be, achieve something I never thought possible in my WILDEST dreams.

So, I will try to relax, chill out, try not to think about all the bad stuff that “could” (but probably won’t) happen. Maybe I should be concentrating on my next move instead — my NEXT goal. Maybe 26.2 is not enough. Where will I go from here? I will consider my options. I will ANTICIPATE my next move.


Good, easy 6-mile run.

Picked up some Endurox EXCEL today and will start taking that on Monday, between then and the marathon, to see if that helps with recovery, long runs, energy, dropping a few pounds, etc., etc., etc. I’ve read a lot of good things about it from some of the top runners so I feel pretty confident that it will be a good thing and enhance my running experience.

This is what their website says: Endurox EXCEL contains maximum strength Endurox plus vitamin E. Endurox EXCEL slows the lactic acid buildup that causes muscle fatigue. Vitamin E has been shown to improve workout recovery by preventing the buildup of free radicals associated with muscle damage and soreness.

I am currently taking 400 I.U. of vitamin E daily but will replace that with the Endurox EXCEL beginning Monday on the days that I run. On the days that I don’t run I may just take the vitamin E. Haven’t really decided on that as of yet.

I am still using their recovery drink (just called Endurox) after long runs (10 miles or more) and have gotten used to the somewhat gritty taste — it’s sort of like thick Gatorade. I think I can credit that to the lack of soreness after the last 20-mile run.


Good 5-mile run. More hill work. Will probably do an easy 6-mile run tomorrow.

Good night at WW last night. Lost 6.2. Almost makes up for the 9.4 I gained over Christmas :O


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