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2 months down in ’07, hard to believe. Less than 10 months of shopping days left ’til Christmas.

Good 4-mile recovery run (varying speeds) on the mill. Slept really, really good last night. Will sleep in tomorrow morning, then 4 miles late a.m. on the mill.

My 3 Entries for the 2007 Peachtree Road Race Tshirt Contest


Life Lesson for Today

My scanner at work is a PIECE OF JUNK! I and a co-worker have been struggling with it for days and it really is a PIECE OF JUNK. That’s the bottom line. This one is several years old and it’s time for a new one.

In the mean time, I have this pic I need to scan for a mass mailing I’m putting together. The resolution needs to be very good so I’m going to have to take it across town to a friend who has a decent scanner at a print shop and have him scan it for me. But before I go I happen to think to ask the person that provided the pic, “Do you have that in a digital format?”

AHA! REVELATION! They do. And then they say, “I guess that would help you out wouldn’t it.” Oh no, I think – just save me loads of work, drive time, etc., etc., etc.

LESSON LEARNED: Always ask when handed a pic to scan, “Do you have that in a digital format?” Don’t assume that they know how much time it will save.

My Hero for Today

Today, my hero is Teresa Carter. There are probably a lot of Teresa Carters in the world, and you may even be one of them, but if you are the Teresa Carter I write of, you know who you are. I’ve admired her for a long time, especially since finding out that she survived a battle with leukemia some years ago. That happened before I knew her. She had small children then, now they are all grown. It must have been a very difficult time for them all.

Well, today she bailed me out when BIG Tom did not have his cap & gown ready for picture day at the school. That makes her my hero for today. Thank you Teresa!


Good 4-mile recovery run, varying speeds.

A Rare Occasion

One night last week the whole gang got together for dinner. Just like old times :~)


GREAT 20-mile run around the Rock. The last long run before the marathon. We are now in official countdown — 4 weeks and counting.

My time today: 3:26:25. Not too bad considering I stopped twice to stretch, once at mile 10 and again at mile 17. Ran the BIG hill twice w/o even thinking about it. Walked it the last two times.

This week will be an easy one. :~) Will take tomorrow and Monday off and run just 4 each day Tuesday – Friday with 10 on Saturday.

GREAT tip from my running partner about the gloves — Thanks!

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