GREAT 5-mile run on the mill this a.m. w/1 break to chat on the cell w/my running partner — that’s how far ahead of me she is, ha ha ha ha… Varying speeds. Only hit the snooze ONCE this a.m.! Used the extra 8 minutes to stretch.

Got my new stretching book in the mail yesterday. You know all that stretching you see some runners do just before a race? WRONG!!! Not a good idea according to the book. Interesting reading. Says it will lengthen my stride and help me reach the end of my marathon in fewer steps. Don’t think it is in time for this marathon — maybe the next. Takes about 3 weeks to get the stretching steps down — will probably take me longer :~[

Get to sleep in the next 2 days. Tomorrow will be a 9-mile late a.m. run (if all goes as planed) and Friday is a rest day before the Silver Comet Trail 10K on Saturday morning. One of my favorite races of the whole year.

The Silver Comet Trail is actually old, unused, paved railroad tracks extending westward from Cobb County to almost the Alabama line. There are plans to extend it fully to the line and then connect it to a similar system in AL but I don’t think that has been completed as of yet. I believe there are also plans to extend the trail system eastward into the BIG city. GREAT thing about paving old, unused railroad tracts? THEY ARE FLAT!


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