There is a lot said about visualization in many of the books I’ve read, including Jeff Galloway’s MARATHON You can do it!, and on the Internet on most any site dedicated to marathon running as well.

I have been visualizing the marathon now for several days in my mind, rehearsing it over and over again — everything from waking up that morning, getting ready, making my way to the START line, running the first mile in traffic (people traffic) to making my way down Peachtree the last 2+ miles, and everything in between, including the run through Piedmont Park — a BEAUTIFUL place to run. I have tried to play out every scenario, the good, the bad, and the ugly! I’ve done a lot of positive self-talking — you read a lot about that in books and on the Internet too. Reaffirmation, positive words like RELAX, POWER, GLIDE and SMILE (I made that one up myself).

There are a lot of visualization “tools” out there. So, I thought I’d try one. I purchase a CD (actually a down loadable mp3 — that was cheaper — no shipping) on EBay from Mike Hughes.

Here is his bio:
Director Mike Hughes has been helping athletes and professionals achieve their goals through Performance Enhancement for over 25 years. As the Naval Academy Athletic Association’s Performance Enhancement Coordinator, he works with Navy sports teams and athletes. Mike founded and directs the Navy Performance Enhancement Clinics – unique day-long seminars for Youth and Adults. The Visualization CDs provided at the Clinic became so popular we started selling Visualization CDs through the Navy Performance Enhancement Clinic’s website and now offer over 50 different visualizations.
His sites:
(purchase here or on EBay)
Something he says on his site that caught my attention:
If you are like most people, you spend 95% on the physical side of a sport that is at least 75% mental. That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

And that is SO true! A lot about running is physical, but more of it is ALL mental! Sometimes, I think I am a mental case!! he he he he… After all, I’ve got a poster of the entire course with the times I plan to hit each split hanging on my refrigerator! And, I’ve never been a real BIG fan of ORANGE before, but now everything I see in orange makes me think of the marathon, and I like it!

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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