Great 10-mile easy run (2 laps around the Rock). It was cold, but NOT 20 degrees!!! I remember 2 of our long runs (1 a 20-miler) it WAS 20 degrees — THAT was brutal! Felt like I didn’t run at all today. Funny thing, 10 miles is like NOTHING any more. I have to run 15 or 20 before I feel like I’ve done anything at all. But 10 was enough for today.

Got a confirmation email from the ING GA Marathon people (there I go with that orange again) and guess what?!? AT&T (the “NEW” AT&T, along with BellSouth and Cingular Wireless) is offering FREE to send a text message to “whomever” when I cross the 6.1, 13.1, and 20-mile marks!. HOW COOL IS THAT?!? My best friend will get the text messages. I didn’t figure my running partner would need a text message (hopefully not), hopefully we will be hitting those splits at the same time.

Let me know if YOU want to be notified via text message when I hit 1 or any of those splits. I can arrange that for you. They also do email notifications and pagers — does anyone even have a pager any more?

This week will certainly be an easy one with the usual off day tomorrow, 5-miles on Monday, 4-miles on Wednesday, 3-miles on Friday, and off days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. THEN… The BIG day!

The weather for the marathon is one of those “uncontrollable” issues you concern yourself with. Right now it looks great with a low of 52 Saturday night and high of 70 Sunday, with rain coming in Sunday night. I just hope that rain DOES hold off until Sunday NIGHT! Pray about that!

Will carb load all week. I increased my fluid intake this week from 60 oz. a day to 70, and will increase that this week to 80 oz. Planning a BIG pasta meal Saturday night with the family including my running partner and their significant other 🙂 THEN we are going to watch Chariots of Fire (an inspirational “running” move), a suggestion in Jeff Galloway’s marathon book. Early to bed Saturday night, and early to rise Sunday morning. The race begins at 7:00 a.m. — not sure they knew Congress would change the date of Daylight Saving Time when they planned that! at 7:00 a.m., it will still be dark. But, on the bright side(BRIGHT SIDE – HA HA HA HA) — we should see a nice sunrise 🙂


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