2007 ING GA Marathon

I didn’t sleep well last night (as expected), normal for before a BIG race. You can see the nerves in my face :~[ Before the start of the race, the director of Walk Through the Bible gave a good, short devotional and prayed. I couldn’t believe they let him do that, but I was so happy they did — I needed it! My running partner ran her own pace and I ran/walked mine. I think she pulled away some time around mile 4 maybe. I can’t really remember if it was before or after the split where the 1/2 marathoners go one way and the full marathoners go the other (at mile 4) — I think it was probably before that though.

The weather here is supposed to hit an all time high (close to 90) for this day today I heard — it was HOT! A lot of people were really struggling and I was one of them. By mile 13 I was cramping badly in my cafes, above and just to the side of the knees — must be some little muscle there, in the back of my upper leg, in the top of one of my feet, even in my abdomen. I don’t think my side has hurt like that from running since I was in elementary school. I think I hit mile 13 in just a little over 2 hours. The next 13 miles would take me 3 hours, with a lot of walking. The cramps were BAD! I’d never experience that in any of our training runs, but they were like 20 degrees — NOTHING like today. I haven’t seen my “official” chip time, but I crossed the finish line at like 5:09. An hour more than I had anticipated or hoped for. I ran that last mile with a couple of guys who were wearing pace team bibs for 3:40 and 3:50 — they were crossing the finish line at 5+ also, like me. My running partner and I actually signed up for the 4:00 pace team but I wasn’t about to wear the bib just in case I ended up crossing the line at 5:00 or something crazy like that. I’m SO GLAD I didn’t wear it! I saw somebody that had ripped theirs off and all that was left was the safety pins :~O Guess they were struggling too. There were A LOT of people struggling in the latter stages of the race. It was probably the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Even tougher than the 3-Day.

I accidental turned off my Forerunner at 1:02 — I kept looking at it and it kept saying 1:02, then I realised it was saying the same thing every time I looked at it — I thought I was doing awesome — it was actually like 1:37 :~O That is very disappointing to me that I will not have that data to upload to my computer and analyze and save to compare with future runs.

It’s tough running w/o someone to talk to. So, I quoted all the scripture I could quote to myself. I was surprised at how the Lord brought verses back to my memory from even when I was in elementary school, I think. I wondered how much more I would be able to quote if I spent some time memorizing. I sang hymns (in my mind). As I ran through Piedmont Park I sang Beulah Land — I thought I was gong to DIE! It was SO NICE to see my best friend there and hand off my Fuel Belt to him.


My running partner’s unofficial chip time was like 4:10. I’ll be interested in seeing the times of the Kenyans. They usually run a marathon in a little over 2 hours. Wonder if that will hold true with the heat today — of course, it wasn’t as hot at 9:00 a.m. as it was at noon.

My running partner asked me a little while ago if I’d do it again. I said, “Yes.” It couldn’t be any worse that it was today :~) I hope. I really can’t imagine doing one in unfamiliar territory though. It was tough enough making our way around downtown — and we’ve lived here all our lives.

We got a really nice inaugural race medal. I saw the Kenyan and his trophy — bumped into him after the race — don’t know WHAT he was still doing hanging around.

The party at the end seemed to be somewhat disorganized but that didn’t really matter — I just wanted to get home :~)


Iced my feet on the way home. Soaked my legs in cold water for 10 minutes when I got home (may do that again tonight), took a hot shower, ate a little lunch, took Advil, and rested the afternoon away… Will go to church tonight and hope I don’t like cramp up during the message or that they don’t get up and down too much :~O

A REALLY neat thing — My best friend got a text message with my official chip time at the following points:

I just got my “official” chip times and they are as follows:
at 6.1 miles 57:09, 9:11 pace (would have liked this to be 55:00)
at 13.1 miles (1/2 way) 2:08:38, 9:48 pace (would have liked this to be 2:00)
at 20 miles 3:37:45, 10:53 pace — That’s pretty good, not 4:00 good but still good, considering (my best time in our 20-mile training runs was 3:17 — that would have been nice)
at 26.2 miles (the finish line) 5:08:56, 11:46 pace (this should have been right around 4:00)

That last 6 miles took me 1 1/2 hours YIKES! There in lies the problem!!!
5:08:56 not quite a qualifying run for Boston like I expected but I guess you could say it was a PB since this is my first marathon. It can only get better from here…

Actually, I never felt like I “hit the wall”. I never felt like I had depleted all of my resources. It was just those lousy leg cramps! If it hadn’t been for the leg cramps I think I would have done great, I think the whole race would have been enjoyable (the first 13 miles were) — and that is just so odd because I’ve never experienced cramps like that before. I thing it was a combination of the heat and the fact that I was so tense. The weather, I know, is uncontrollable but I do need to find a way to relax and not be so tense. I think I had been tense for like a whole week. Maybe too much anticipation, too much Blogging about it — who really knows?

BTW — The Kenyan won in 2:19, a PB for him too. He was nice enough to say it wasn’t about winning, and that everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner. How nice of him :~) w/ his 5:19 mile pace — Unbelievable!!!


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