WHAT A DAY!!! We shopped ’til we dropped — almost… Literally, when we left the mall at 9:30 p.m. the paramedics were wheeling a lady out on a gurney to an awaiting ambulance — we are sure she probably shopped ’til she dropped (or, ate too much Cold Stone Creamery ice cream).

There was snow on the ground when we awoke this morning but not enough to build a snowman or anything like that. After breakfast at the hotel, devotions, reading USA Today, catching up with CNN, checking email, surfing the Internet, doing a little Ebay business, and Blogging a little, we arrived safely at the mall a little after 10:00 a.m. and began our spree…

I have to tell you this VERY FUNNY thing: The MOA has this “famous” coupon book that is like 1 1/2″ think, full of all sorts of coupons for all sorts of places in the mall and even accommodations, etc., etc., etc. Anyway, it normally goes for $9.95, actually, I’ll bet NOBODY ever pays that much for it. There are COUPONS for the COUPON BOOK (which I think is really, really funny in itself) all over the Internet and everywhere. So, we had a $4.95 coupon for the $9.95 coupon book. As soon as we arrived at the mall we stopped at Customer Service to get out coupon book — and just let me tell you as a side line, WE USED THIS COUPON BOOK! and it doesn’t expire until the end of the year, so we can still use it this summer (if we go back) — Anyway, so, I handed the guy (a kind of GOOFY looking guy behind the counter — actually, when all was said and done, he probably thought we were a bit goofy as well) the coupon for the coupon book and $5.00. He handed me a coupon book and we walked off. My girlfriends and I immediately started flipping though the book and noticed that the coupons were Xed out and VOID was written across them. Hummmm… we turn and headed back to the Customer Service counter (and the goofy guy) who we discovered reaching into the cabinet behind him to retrieve a “real” coupon book. He he he he… Evidently, the one he handed me and we took off with was just a dummy, so that we could see what coupons are in the coupon book. He he he he… Now I know what a blond feels like. He he he he…

Best bargains of the day? For me it was a dress from Coldwater Creek, regular $99.00, I got it for like $28.00 WHOA! I got some jewelry (a necklace and earrings) at a good bargain there as well. For my girlfriends, it was a $7.00 jacket at Macy’s and shoes for $7.49. WoW! We were good shoppers today!

Lunch was at PB Loco and dinner at Kokomo Island Cafe. A stop at Starbucks at mid-day, followed by the Rocky Mountain Candy Co., rounded out the day (for me). OH YEAH — there were those truffles at Lindt :~O

Most fun of the day? Trying on prom dresses, he he he he…

Funniest of the day? When the guy in Lindt asked if he could hold all my bags while I looked around, and I thought he wanted to hold the 2 truffles I had in my hand, he he he he…

Tomorrow morning, we check flights and make a decision on whether to head for the airport early or to the mall for more shopping.


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