Jet Lag is just now setting in…

We tried to catch the 2:35 flight from Minneapolis to the big ATL yesterday afternoon but couldn’t get on. Then we tried the 3:59… then the 6:15… last flight out — didn’t make those either. (I think all in all we spent more $$ on airport food then anything else. Spent 2 days in airports and 2 days at the MOA — NOT what I had planned!) Ended up going back to the hotel with NO luggage, NO make up, NO NOTHING and spending a very short night. Got up this a.m. at 3:00 to catch the 5:30 out — got first class which was nice, but I am SO tired now and I’m trying to work and this is just not working… GOT to FOCUS, concentrate….


OK, so after a brief nap under my desk and a few shots of espresso I’m back to my PERKY self, somewhat… Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. BTY, any pics posted on my running partner’s facebook and marked “viewer discretion advised” cannot, I repeat CANNOT, be taken seriously!

To sum up the deals of the trip (for me):

  1. 1 Coldwater Creek dress @ 70% off, regularly $99.00
  2. 1 Brighton 2006 Think Pink charm bracelet @ 50% off, regularly $50.00
  3. 1 pair of red strapey sandals — on sale of course
  4. 1 small eclectic beaded purse, 40% off
  5. 1 Red Horse jacket @ 80% off, regularly $78.00
  6. 2 skirts (to go w/the jacket) @ 80% off, regularly $98.00 each
  7. 1 box of Lindt truffles, 50% off :0 (should have bought 2 of these!)
  8. 1 pair of BIG black sunglasses, 20% off
  9. 1 blue stone & silver necklace & earring set from Coldwater Creek @ 70% off

I would think long and hard before ever attempting another trip to the MOA over spring break! ESPECIALLY if the final four was being played in ATL and ended the night before! The news said that added 20K people to the ATL airport on Tuesday morning when we were trying to get out. I’m not sure why we had so much trouble getting back on yesterday — Spring break or Easter travels I guess. I’ve NEVER been bumped so many times that I had to spend an extra night. Oh, there was that time in Bermuda, but that was really because of a hurricane…

I think we might try to make another trip to MOA this summer. After we recover from this one, both physically and financially.

Pictures are forthcoming…


Seeing the Minneapolis airport come alive this morning was the coolest thing!

We arrived a little before 4:00 a.m. Now you have to understand, the airport was, for lack of a better word, ASLEEP when we arrived. About the only things stirring were the Burger King and Subway restaurants (if you can call them that) and a skeleton crew needed to operate the airport over night. The airport doors open when we arrive, some people are already in line awaiting the ticket agents to come on duty. At 4:00 a.m., and not a moment earlier, the ticket agents come out from behind the doors located behind the ticket counters, computer systems boot up, including the self-serve kiosks, the TSA agents (security) take their positions, and the airport begins to come alive for the day. It’s been like a BIG sleeping giant until now, and now, it begins to stir…

After processing our tickets, we head for security and are cleared w/o incident. WHEW! Now, inside the “guts” of the giant beast (the terminal) we sit, before going to our concourse, waiting for the Starbucks and a French bakery to open. As we sit waiting, people begin pouring into the terminal from planes that have landed, buses, trains, taxis, limos and the like. We wait a while longer and the Starbucks opens. We get breakfast and head for our concourse. The French bakery doesn’t open until 5:00, our plane leaves at 5:30, there’s no time to wait for the bakery.

On the concourse the people continue to flood in, filling the void that has been left by the night. The beast is awake now, alive to live another day…

BTW: I should just tell you this little bit of information. Sari Beri and I sat in first class on the trip home — nice… except there was this big man sitting (in first class) in the row directly behind us and I KID YOU NOT (!) he was snoring before we ever pushed away from the gate! Now, granted it WAS 5:30 in the a.m. but GIVE IT A REST! He snored the ENTIRE 3 hour trip to the big ATL! Unbelievable! Between that, and the screaming babies, who could sleep?!? Of course I was, when they brought around the snacks — GO FIGURE!


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