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3 easy, quick miles on the mill, felt strong and heavy 😮

WW tomorrow night is NOT going to be pretty. It’s probably time for me to start going weekly again, at least for a while.

Working on a new site, my first in Expression Web. Mostly CSS coding and some ASP.NET. I have a lot of reading to do AND a lot of catching up. This should be interesting. I think the end result will be a much more efficient website and a smarter Blogger Friend…


Another Blogger confirms my suspicion about the release date of the iPhone

Scoop: AT&T Wireless, iPhone Coming to Fry’s Next Month
May 28 Matt Hickey

Thanks to the loose lips of a local employee, we now bring news that Fry’s, the ginormous big-box electronics retail chain that is part Mecca and part Disneyland for nerds, will next month start selling AT&T Wireless. They haven’t announced this yet, but it’s a big deal. Fry’s was always reluctant to offer Cingular’s services for various reasons, but seems to be ok with AT&T. Shipments of promo materials…have arrived, and the phones themselves will show up on the 5th. Fry’s then starts selling the phones six days later, on Monday the 11th. What’s really telling is the chatty clerk mentioned that they were making room on the 10th for a special display featuring a new, high-end phone made by Apple. This means that we can perhaps…a June 11th sell date for the iPhone. This echoes rumors we’ve heard before of that date. It also lines up nicely with Apple’s WWDC and Steve Jobs’ keynote. You know he likes surprises, so look for something along the lines of “Goes on sale today.”


2 laps around the Rock [10 miles] this a.m. Didn’t get started until around 7. Think I will hit it at 6 next time since the sun is already coming up by that time and I LOVE to see the sunrise! Didn’t do too bad for being as out of shape as I am. The first 5 was actually a PR at 47:30. After 10 we walked into the city for a look — nothing really open. There were A LOT of people out, I guess because of the holiday. Traffic was a good bit heavier on the way home.

OK, so I’ve decided that when I do get that new laptop, this will have to be my desktop — Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) coming October ’07

Five bucks says the launch date for Mac OS X 10.5 is October 5th – 10.05. [The dual Quad-core Mac Pros were released on 04.04]

I had forgotten, until doing some reading this weekend, the significance of numerology at Apple. The first personal home computer they sold way back in 1983 [I didn’t purchase one of these — unfortunately, I bought an 8088 from Texas Instruments I believe it was — that’s a WHOLE OTHER POST!] sold for $666.66 — CREEPY!

I would also be willing to say that the iPhone, which is set to debut next month, will more than likely be released on June 11. 611 is Cingular’s “Customer [no] Service” number and with Cingular being the exclusive provider…. I should also note that 611 is the number for which you reach people in India. At least, that’s how it works for me. If I ever get the urge to speak to someone in India, I just dial 611 on my cell phone… AND THAT my friend… is a whole other post too!

Of course… We all know what 6/11 is. The opening day of Apple’s WWDC Worldwide Developers Conference. Could it be that they would also release the iPhone and the beta version of Leopard on the same day? We’ll have to wait and see…

Some believe that Leopard will integrate Windows interoperability. Since Steve Jobs announced the switch to Intel nearly two years ago, it has been continually rumored that Macs would gain the ability to run Windows applications naively within OS X. And with Jobs set to reveal Leopard’s “secret features” at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference [WWDC], the idea has taken hold. Those in the know are “expecting a full-feature demonstration of Leopard, including a demo of how Leopard will integrate Windows interoperability.

No more Virtual PC YIPE! Not even Parallels? But what about Boot Camp?

Bluetooth Saves the day [or the cell phone]

This afternoon my best friend and I were out test driving some automobiles. While traveling from one lot to another, via a dealer’s golf cart. my cell phone inadvertently slipped out of my pants pocket. It could have simply slid off the cart onto the ground, I may never have found it. As it turned out, I didn’t even know it had left my pocket. Fortunately, it stayed on the golf cart and VERY FORTUNATELY for me, I was wearing my bluetooth, AND VERY VERY FORTUNATELY, I walked far enough away from the cart to loose the signal. That’s when the bluetooth beeped in my ear, letting know I had lost the signal of the phone. I felt my pocket and realize my cell phone was gone. I PANICKED!!! It could have been anywhere on the ground between the two lots, possibly run over by another vehicle… I was very relieved to find it there on the golf cart. Bluetooth saves the day or in this case, the cell phone. Without the bluetooth beeping in my ear when the signal was lost, it would have been who-knows-when when I discovered the cell phone was missing… Thank you Mr. Bluetooth!


Graduation was very nice last night.

The Salutatorian address was the best I ever remember hearingapplicable, relevant, and interesting. BIG Tom got a trophy for attending at BBCS from K5, SteveO got the same.

The party afterwards was very nice as well. It’s the first we have stayed for and was well attended I thought. The other children wanted to have parties at the house and so for them we did that. But BIG Tom’s class being so small and close knit, it was better this way.

A cooler of YooHoos was a BIG hit, and made BIG Tom’s table most popular with the kids [and some adults too]. His table was simple compaired to others but that was appropriate for him.

I wish we had taken more family pictures. I was fully intending to have one taken of my best friend, myself, BIG Tom, and Sari Beri for our Christmas card but totally forgot. Maybe another time. We did get this one of BIG Tom and his sisternice! We call these “Phil’s kids”.

Today will be a relaxed, hangout kind of day. We will pick strawberries and maybe run a few errands, have leftovers for dinner and maybe get some ice cream…

Monday, my running partner and I will run a couple of laps around the Rock [10 miles]. That will be nice — I really, really need that!

Summer is upon us now, the pace a bit slower and not so hectic we all hope.

I have decided to wait until the new Mac OS comes out to purchase my laptop. It is scheduled for October but sometimes this gets pushed back. I would think most certainly by the end of the year. However, sometimes with the release date of a new OS looming the manufacturer will sell existing machines with a certificate for a FREE upgrade once the new OS is available. If that happens, I will buy. For now, I will try to be patient. I figure I’ve waited 7 years, I can wait a few more months…


5 miles, easy run, on the mill. Energy level is very low, was yesterday too. Not sure why, seem to be getting adequate rest. hummm…..

Today is a very special day in this household, a day some of us have been anticipating for 13+ years. BIG Tom hits the graduation isle, president of his class, with big plans to boot! We are all so excited for him and can hardly wait until tonight’s festivities :~)


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