Cinco de Mayo!

GREAT BIG Peach 5K race today, 28:40. Would like to have done under 25, but I’ve been such a slacker lately — anything under 27 would actually have been really good for the shape I’m in!

Got to see Anne, a girl I went to school with and haven’t seen in 25 years — can’t believe she was able to pick me out — after a race I don’t look ANYTHING like I look on facebook! But, I guess it helped that I was in ALL PINK!

Got to meet a girl that had a Weimaraner with her — guess she ran the race with him. He was HUGE and quite a handfull! Needed some training, but he was BEAUTIFUL. I asked her how old he was and she said 10 months! WoW! He was BIG! She said she got him from a breeder in Canton. I think I saw that same breeder advertise in the AJC.

The course was nice with rolling hills through the quaint neighborhoods of Brookwood and then straight up Peachtree to the BIG Peach. The after-party was GREAT with Starbucks, and lots of pastries (I think from Duncan), and bananas, and apples. The shirt was a nice drifit Nike shirt but I got a small and it’s HUGE! Don’t know if I’ll ever even wear it. Got a nice pair of Yankz for FREE.I’ve REALLY got to step up the pace! No more 9-mile weeks. Need to pick it up to at least 5 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with some longer runs on Thursdays and Saturdays. The next 2 races are both 10Ks — the Army “Hooah” Road Race in June and the Peachtree Road Race in July.

Then, if we decide to do the Marine Corp Marathon in October (we’ll have to decide that by next Wednesday — that’s when online registration begins, and I hear it fills up in like 2 days) I’ll have to get my base back up to 25 miles per week by the week of June 24 to start training for that. SEE! I told you I’d been a slacker! Anyway, it sure would be different training for a marathon in the heat of the summer as opposed to the 20 degree mornings of the winter!

So, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week it will be 5 miles on the mill with the possibility of a late p.m. run on the road, with my running partner, Saturday… We’ll have to see about that.


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