5 miles on the mill this a.m. Got a late start, so some of it I had to run at a 7.5 minute pace which is quite fast for this slow old turtle. My energy level is really, really low. I’m not sure why.

Anyway… today is the day we send BIG Tom off on his senior trip. He pretty much packed his own stuff [well, his sis helped a good bit]. I’m still reminded of the time we sent him off to summer camp [the summer between 3rd and 4th grade]. At the end of the week, when I went to pick him up, he smelled SO BAD that I had to ride home with the windows down! When we got home, I discovered his bags, STILL pack just exactly as I had packed them — he hadn’t changed all week! Hopefully, things will be different on the senior trip. I’m pretty sure they will.

Getting him ready and sending him off today was just the beginning of a whirlwind long week and weekend!

Yesterday, we had a MoM & ToM day, going to K&G for a new black suit. He needed black pants for graduation and I’m sure will need a suit at college. We bought a white shirt too. Oxfords just don’t get it with a black suit, but trying to convince him of that is quite hopeless. Then we went to checkout the laptops at the Apple store at Lenox. We are both in the market for a laptop. He needs one for college, and mine is 7 years old and really, really SLOW! I’ve made up my mind and know what I want but BIG Tom is still teetering between an Apple and Alienware/Dell. Last night was the annual Sports Banquet. I was disappointed that BIG Tom didn’t get any “special awards” he was probably the most talented on the basketball team [maybe w/the exception of his friend BT] but he couldn’t care less about basketball and didn’t apply himself at all . Unlike his brother… However, his sis did get the Flyer award for cheerleading, which was nice. She’s a very good little cheerleader :~)

Today, I work, work, work…

Tomorrow, I will whip the house into shape…

Friday night, I will be speaking at a Mother Daughter Dinner

Saturday, my running partner and her CPA will be coming down for the weekend…

And Sunday, I will speak briefly at the Mother Daughter Brunch at church. THEN, the family is coming over for Mother’s Day. I had so hoped that all would be able to come [about 23] but I think there will only be about 14 of us. But, it will be nice to see everyone. We will celebrate birthdays with birthday cake and ice cream! We have several family members born in May.

Next week Sari and I will get to see what it’s going to be like next year when it’s only she and I. I wonder if she will be lonely, having that wing of the house all to herself? Well, there is the cat…

I feel like I need to take a deep breath and put my running shoes on. I’m exhausted just thinking about all of this stuff!

BIG Tom has lost his wallet, and had to leave on the senior trip w/o any ID. I would think with security like it is now he would need ID to get into some of those buildings in Washington DC. Don’t know what he’ll do 😦 Sure glad his head is attached!


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