5 fast miles on the mill this a.m. [remember, it’s all relevant].

Didn’t sleep very well last night, not as bad a night as Sunday night though, but still not a normal sleep pattern. Analyzing the situation I realize that Sunday was a BIG meal day w/the Mother’s Day celebration and all the family over and all, AND yesterday was a BIG meal day w/the birthday celebration and all. hummm… seems to be a pattern here… It’s not like I ate a whole lot — I never do eat A LOT, just more than usual. I feel [and sleep] a lot better when I just eat a little… like a bird, I guess.

Today BIG Tom returns from the senior trip. His room and desk have been “Spring Cleaned” and his truck went to the detail shop. He will NOT be happy, but it’s all good! His friend, Jon, is home for the weekend, so I doubt we will be seeing much of BIG Tom. Maybe, if we’re fortunate [hate that word “lucky”] we’ll get a “hi” and “bye” out of him, and of course there will be the “Why’d you clean my room?” Ah… well… maybe so I could vacuum it [which probably hasn’t happened in like 6 months!]

This afternoon, my running partner is coming down and we will possibly go to the Friday Night Street Drags at the Atlanta Motor Speedway or just go for a long run — that would be a lot cheaper. Tomorrow we will run a 5K over in Fayetteville and then go to the Geranium Festival. KETTLE CORN! mmmmm….

What a special, special birthday! Last night my bf fixed me this incredible dinner and brought me flowers and Hershey’s Extra Dark chocolate w/espresso! AND, today the ladies in the office [namely 1 – CL] brought me my very FAVORITE drink from Starbucks and then a plate with 7 HUGE chocolate covered strawberries on it. The one in the center had a candle. So, so thoughtful! I really am so fortunate to work w/so many very nice and thoughtful people :~) I received several cards, and a gift card from Bath & Body Works, one of my favorite places — from my friend BG, and other gifts too.

So many nice and thoughtful people!


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