I don’t even know where to begin to describe the beauty of this place! It’s like a HUGE Christmas tree farm 🙂 Evergreens everywhere! The trip out was great, it took 5 hours but really to me it only seemed like about 2 or so. I had a good opportunity to work on my book as I hope to on the trip home as well.

When we arrived the first thing we noticed was the clarity of the air in Portland and lush, green vegetation everywhere – So different than the dry, parched grass and shrubs at home. Oh yeah, the temperature is a lot different than back home too – in the 50s up on the mountain at Timberline, 60s in Portland, and it should get down into the 30s or low 40s tonight.

The Timberline Lodge is nice and quaint. It was built in the 30s and much of the furnishings in the rooms and other areas of the lodge are from that era – original to the structure I would guess. Our beds are actually feather! The view out our window is incredible! It is a picturesque view of the valley and we can see Mt. Jefferson off in the distance. Mt. Hood is about 11 thou feet at its summit and Timberline sits on it at 6 thou feet.

We hiked part of the way up this afternoon and will hike some more tomorrow. We will not be able to reach the summit on this trip as the higher trails are closed for restoration. We really came out here to let BIG Tom snowboard so as long as he gets to do that tomorrow, all it well!

It is all about the huckleberry out here… huckleberry ice cream, huckleberry milk shakes, huckleberry jam, huckleberry syrup, huckleberry honey, huckleberry chocolate. You name it and they’ve got it in huckleberry flavor!

There is still plenty of snow as you will see in the pictures, especially up on the mountain. I think I read that in the winter the snow gets 21 feet deep! There is still a good 2 feet in some places around the lodge. We even saw a snowman that someone had made here today. People probably think we are crazy to get so excited over 2 feet of left over snow but we just don’t see this stuff in Atlanta. We get excited there over 2 inches of snow!


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