4 miles on the mill this a.m.

It’s funny, when my bff first brought that treadmill home I despised it! Then, as I got into running and all I like it because it was there for me on days when I couldn’t get out on the road. Then… as I got really into running [like training for the marathon last winter and all] and I was doing more running outside, I got to where I despised the treadmill [again] because I SO enjoyed running on the open road as opposed to the mill. Now that I haven’t been able to get out and run very much over the past 3 months or so I’m back to liking the treadmill :] for the time being…

There are no plans in the works for a race in August. On Labor Day we will do the GRULING U.S. 10K on Cobb Parkway and it was pretty expensive so we decided against a race in August for that reason. We will do some long runs around the Rock though. Actually our first long run on our Marie Corps Marathon training schedule will be this month, Saturday the 21st — 15 miles around the Rock. I will be doing a 10 mile run this Saturday and next, those could be considered long by some standards, but those will more than likely be on the mill. Then in August we will do a 20 mile run on the 18th. We have a 15 mile run scheduled the Saturday before the Labor Day race on Monday, that probably wasn’t good planning on my part, but I guess it will work with 2 days rest — it should be OK.

In October we will do the Peachtree Classic. Probably my favorite race of the whole year. It’s on the golf cart trails in Peachtree City and in October it can be quite cool and the leaves are usually beautiful that time of year. We will do the 15K [9.3 miles].

The Marine Corps Marathon is 1 week after that.

In November we will do the 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving Day. That’s always nice — gives you the go ahead to eat all the turkey and dressing you want 🙂

There is not much on the calendar as far as races go for December, at least not yet…

There are a couple of ATC freebies in the fall as well. I think they are both runs around the Rock, one a 10 miler and one a 15 miler. They are what they call low-key, no tshirt events. I like that! Doesn’t cost you anything except the gas to get there and you get to run with an organized group – nice!

There is also the ATC Resolution Run on Jan. 1 but I haven’t heard where that will be yet. I don’t think it is always in the same place each year. AND, a nice ATC run in Peachtree City each January – usually VERY cold but nice.

That pretty much raps up my running goals for the next 6 months.

DHL just delivered my new running shoes – SWEET!

BONUS RUN: 4 more mile trying out my NEW running shoes!!!

I made the paper! I was #4991 to cross the finish line in the Peachtree Road Race!


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