Responsible Emailing

A few years ago I was sent an “invitation” to open a Gmail account. The thought of “never having to delete another email” intrigued me! So, I open the account and before long it became my primary email. I fell in love with the interface and the ease of using Gmail, the fact that you could search your email was a pretty useful idea, and not using Outlook any longer meant that my email was available to me anywhere in the world, from any computer — I liked that as well.

I’ve been using my Gmail account ever since, clicking “Archive” to remove old emails from my Inbox and not thinking a thing about the space all of these old emails were taking up — after all, you “never having to delete another email”, right?

Well, late last week I get this notice at the top of my Gmail screen that says I’m just about out of space, would I like to PURCHASE more?!? Purchase? I don’t think so — I’m not supposed to have to delete another email, well, I guess NOT, if I “purchase” enough space I could just keep clicking “Archive” the rest of my life — well, maybe not that long.

Anywho… I had used up 2705 [or something like that] of my 2888 MB of space archiving old [useless] emails. 8000+ of them! [Oh, and all those Google chats — they are saved as emails too.] So, this weekend I began the painstaking task of sorting through a number of “Labels” AKA folders — that was a start. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time [when I set them up some time ago], I rarely use these labels anymore.

Then I moved on to all these “Filters” I had set up for a couple dozen junk emails I receive on a regular basis, some of them daily. I had filtered them so that they skipped my Inbox and went directly to Archive — What was I thinking!?!

Now, several hours of sorting later… I have whittled my Gmail down to 2 [two] emails. 2 emails out of 8000+ Can you believe that?!? All that JUNK and I only found 2 important enough to keep.

I will be more responsible from here on out with the Archive button, the labels, and the filters. I have become a responsible emailer 🙂


1 Response to “Responsible Emailing”

  1. 1 starbucksgirl August 16, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    This is word-for-word what it says on Gmail’s site:
    “Archive, don’t delete
    With more than 2,500 megabytes of free
    storage, you never need to delete another
    email. Just archive everything and use
    Gmail’s search to find what you need.”


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