The Bedroom Suit dissapointment

Last night we eagerly awaited the delivery of a custom made bedroom suit for Sari Beri’s bedroom. Some weeks ago I measured the room’s dimensions, we had found a picture of what we wanted in a Pottery Barn catalog, and now we were going to see the finished product, minus all the textiles that go with it which are not complete as of yet.

First came in the 2 chest of drawers that flank the king size bed, their crystal knobs glistening in the light. BLING! Then the hutches that sit atop each – beautiful shabby chic white. Then the dresser with it’s crystal knobs and BIG custom cut mirror. Then the headboard, which is really not a headboard at all, it’s actually a huge cork board which will be covered with an assortment of scrapbook papers – saw that in the Pottery Barn catalog as well. The shelf that fits over the bed, headboard and between the 2 hutches was brought in as well. All the bed pieces were brought in, everything except the bed was set in place, and now it was time to put the bed together…

There is only one wall in the room on which the bed, flanked by the 2 towering chest of drawers/hutches will fit. The other walls have windows and doors and would not accommodate such a large unit.

GUESS WHAT?!? It doesn’t fit! The bed won’t fit between the 2 chest of drawer/hutch towers!!! I cannot believe it! All these weeks of waiting — ALL THAT WORK! Custom built to fit these specific measurements.

I must have measured wrong. I never was too good at math but how in the world could I have made such a BIG goofus! Who knows!?!

Now the bed will be a queen 😦


2 Responses to “The Bedroom Suit dissapointment”

  1. 1 Laura August 14, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    Oh man… that stinks, but good that you were able to use the furniture anyway, just with a queen bed..

  2. 2 35bibleguy August 14, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    Queen is more fitting for a young lady. On the bright side.

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