This morning started out much like any other morning would have, but I knew the day would be anything but normal. I dropped Sari Beri off at school and headed to a chiropractor appointment, stopping by Starbucks first 🙂 On the way to the chiropractor I passed a couple of boys walking to school with backpacks on their backs and sticks in their hands—boys will be boys. Then I passed another group of boys on bikes with backpacks on their backs heading to school. In thought of when my little Thomas was that age… Still on the way to the chiropractor, my mind wondering, I heard the song “Letters from War” again and that did it. I said I wasn’t going to cry today. It wasn’t even 9:00 a.m. and here I go again—the person that never cries is crying AGAIN! 

I got back home just in time to see the workers that poured our new walls yesterday leaving with their forms. The walls look FANTASTIC! So fantastic that I think we will have to get the other side of the garage done as well. 

I thought we would leave to take BIG Tom to college as soon as I arrived back home but it seem that there is still much to do—clothes to wash and dry, packing and organizing still to be done, shirts to press, pants to press, suit pants to find, a list of things still to purchase, we are a ways from departure. 

Finally, about noon we are ready to pull out. We swing by the school and pick up Sari Beri [she did get in a ½ day of school and says that’s better than a full day any time!], then we get dropped off at Belk while my bff fills the car with gas. We try to get BIG Tom’s watch links removed. We gave him a new watch, kind of as a departure gift—sounds like a game show. They can’t fix the watch, so it’s down to Target to pick up a few last minute things then we are on the road again. 

We make another stop, this one somewhat out of the way but well worth it. To KHCS to see my running partner who has another “departure gift” for BIG Tom—a khaki suit coat that he’s been eyeing for quite some time. He says, “SWEET!” We leave there in search of lunch—it’s 2:00 p.m. and our tummies are grumbly. 

Lunch is a stop by the CFA at the Mall of GA. All 5 of us [Long Jon Silver is along for the ride J] eat for 16¢ thanks to a CFA First 100 Campout. Then it’s back on the road with 1 more stop to make—Tanger outlet, the Fossil store to have the watch resized. They resize the watch quickly, we make a quick bathroom break, and then we head for Greenville. 

A blinding rain storm slows our progress just north of the Tanger outlet stop but before long, that passes, the roads are clean, traffic is not bad, and the game “A my name is Anna, I come from Alabama, and I bring back Apples” begins. Only 72 miles to go, thank goodness! 

25 miles out of Greenville—another rain storm… Then we passed a couple of kids from school. One is going to be BIG Tom’s roommate, the other is his future roommate’s girlfriend—they’re in separate cars, of course. 

We arrive on campus at 5:00 p.m., go to the info desk and find out what dorm room BIG Tom will be in. We head to the dorm room and unload his stuff. BIG Tom is very low-maintenance and doesn’t have much “stuff”. Sari Beri makes the bed, I put things away, and the boys bring up the rest of the stuff from the car. 

At 5:45 we go to check-in. Fresh baked cookies and bottled waters [along with other drinks] await anxious parents. About 45 minutes later BIG Tom emerges from the check-in process with a grin and sheepish look on his face. AND GET THIS—At check-in you are given a pack of information tailored specifically to you with your ID card and all your pertinent information in it. Well, somewhere along the line in the process BIG Tom lays his packet down on a table. At the end of the process he realizes this and goes back to each table but no one seems to have it. HA! We haven’t been on campus 2 hours and he’s already misplaced his ID card. He’s never going to make it!!! We end up finding the person in charge of check-in; she is amused by the situation and issues him a generic pack of information. They didn’t take his photo for the ID card yet because he needs a hair cut and a collared shirt. 

We go back to the dorm room to grab a collared shirt and head out to find a place to get a hair cut. I’m questioning myself as to why I didn’t think about a hair cut before we left home?!? In the dorm room he meets up with his friend Matt who assures him that some one in the dorm will be able to give him a hair cut, real cheep—that’s scary! 

BIG Tom is ready for us to leave. He gives me a hug, shakes his dad’s hand, gives Sari Beri a hug, and shakes the hand of Long Jon Silver. We leave feeling a bit frustrated with his lack of responsibility, the hair situation, and the fact that without an ID he won’t be able to eat in the DC. However, he’s a BIG boy now, I know he’s got to make his own way and fix his own misgivings, and he can do that—now’s the time to start. 

Goodbye BIG Tom, we’ll see you at Thanksgiving ;( 

Now I’m wondering, will he call, will he email, will he surprise us and come home for a weekend, will he survive?!? 

Home to clean up the mess he left behind…


1 Response to “8.24.07”

  1. 1 Laura August 25, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    what a tough week!! I love you guys!!!

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