Ok, well at this rate I feel like I really should start a whole new Blog entitled The Sagas of BT.

Today [mid a.m.] he IM me and said he couldn’t find his logbook. Now, next to the plane itself, a pilot’s logbook is the last thing he wants to loose.

I can read the headlines [10 years from now], “UPS Pilot Looses Plane – Can’t Remember Where He Parked It!”

I went home, searched the house, the living room [that’s practically where BT lived] – I looked under the couch, pulled the cushions off, pulled out the bed — it’s a sleeper, under the entertainment center, the other chairs in the living room, searched BOTH his desks — YES, he has 2! Searched his room — that was an ordeal in itself. Searched the guest bedroom [his weights are in there so I just thought…] Anywho, no logbook. On my way back to work he TM me and says, “Look in my truck”

So, I turn around, go back to the house and search the truck. No logbook.

I TM back, “Do you want me to call Pan Pacific?” [where he took flight lessons] “Yes” he says. So, back to the office to get their number and I call them. They will look for it and call me back. I seriously didn’t expect to hear back from them. I figured if they had it they would have called by now, it’s been a week since he last flew.

Sure enough, in about 30 minutes they call back and have located the logbook – PRAISE THE LORD!!! I didn’t ask “how” or “where”, just said I’d be right over to get it.

So before I leave I IM BT to say I’ve found it and does he need it next day air or will 2 days be OK? He didn’t respond to his IM so I told him to call or TM me I was on the way to get the logbook and then to the PO.

I picked it up at Pan Pacific and headed to the PO. Still no word from BT as to how soon he had to have it. I hang out at the PO a few minutes, TM BT a couple of times, try to call him — no response. He doesn’t get a signal for his phone in the dorm room. Finally, he TM back — 2 days.

WHEW! Good thing because over night was $16+ I sent it priority for $4+

OK… that’s a wrap for this saga. Wonder what the next will be?


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