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Ode to BIG Tom

This the MASSIVE stack of QT cups he left behind [he LOVES that place]!

Ode to BIG Tom

This is the sign he left hanging on his bedroom door. He’s so concerned that I’m going to redecorate. Don’t worry BT, it will be a while before I get to that 🙂


And this is his beloved Sock Monkey, left laying on the floor of his room [looks like a bound captive]. I’m not sure why he didn’t take Sock Monkey with him. hummm….




5 GLORIOUS miles on the mill! The knee bothered me a bit but not like it had been — not like is was getting ready to come apart!

Officially released from the chiropractor yesterday so we will see how it goes from here. May have to go back for one more visit next week after the U.S. 10K.

I am SO SO SO excited about Monday’s race!

OK, so TODAY, BT IMs me and he needs his truck. You know, all those little trips to and from the airport… OH, NO, WAIT… he wants a MOTORCYCLE! A motorcycle he can park right outside his dorm…

Somehow, my faith is BIG enough to put him in a plane, but NOT BIG enough to put him on a motorcycle — explain that!?!

You’re killing me TB!

Tonight I will go to WW and it’s NOT going to be pretty. As a matter of fact, it might even cost me. That’s probably one reason my knee has been aggravated. I’m sure it will help to take some weight off. So, I’ll probably stay for the meeting — haven’t done that in a long, long time. And, I’ll probably start going to weekly meetings again, at least for a while — maybe like 3 months or so 😮 We’ll see…

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