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Litter Box

As you may know, we adopted a kitten a little over a year ago. This is our first pet in about 22 years — long dry spell…

I have for the past several weeks been on a pilgrimage of sorts looking for the PERFECT litter box. We had the standard littler box and the cat kicks the litter all over the place. I know some people who invested in the dome type with a front entry and their cat kicks the litter out the door.

I went to PetSmart [among other place] and there I found the most unusual litter box with a TOP entry. Cats can’t kick litter UP, evidently. The box “looks” pretty much like an ordinary Rubbermaid tote and retails for $33.


This is the product description of the “CleverCat” litter box from the PetSmart website:
Cats adapt quickly to this top-entry litterbox and love the privacy! The revolutionary design is virtually dog and toddler-proof and prevents litter tracking. This award-winning litterbox also eliminates over-the-edge mess while reducing odors. The tall seamless sidewalls prevent leakage. The CleverCat® Top Entry Litterbox has an inconspicuous appearance and is also great for traveling.

How the CleverCat® Top Entry Litterbox Works:

  • Cat hops onto the top of litterbox and steps down inside through the opening.
  • Cat takes care of business and exits through the the same opening.
  • When exiting across built-in tracking mat, litter is removed from cat’s paws.

Note: This litterbox may not be suitable for disabled, elderly, or extra large cats weighing over 20 lbs.

Light gray litterbox is made of heavy-duty plastic and measures 20″ L x 15″ W x 15″ D with a 9″ diameter opening. Use one litterbox for up to two cats. Manufacturer provides a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Two sample pan liners included.

Additional Information:

Simple Instructions:

  • Install Clevercat® liner and add 2″ to 3″ of any type litter.
  • Put cat inside of uncovered litterbox to familiarize cat.
  • Use without lid until cat has eliminated several times.
  • Begin to use lid. Clevercat® Top Entry Litterbox Maintenance
    • Scooping is quick and convenient with lid removed.
    • Scoop waste daily to maintain your cat’s good health.
    • Replace liner & litter every 5 to 7 days.
    • Wash with soapy water and rinse well as needed; use brush to clean tracking mat.
  • I had my doubts that this would actually work and certainly was not going to spend $33 on a litter box, especially not knowing if it would even work. + on top of all that, our cat is not a “Clever Cat” he he he… Actually, sometimes she’s an idiot, but we love her.
    So, I took down the measurements and headed off to Target delighted to find out when I arrived there that their Rubbermaid totes [same size] were on sale this week for — GET THIS — $3.00! Now $3.00 I can handle!

    So, I purchase the tote and head to my dad’s to get him to cut a 9″ diameter hole in the top. I leave the top with him and home I go. I actually put litter in the tote and set it in place before putting the top on. I thought that this might help the cat acclimate to the new box. Right away she jumped over in it and WHALA! She used the new litter box.

    A day later the top arrived with it’s nice, round 9″ hole. On goes the top and we’re in business [for the cat to do it’s business].

    The results are AMAZING. No more litter scatter all over the floor. AND, it is very inconspicuous looking. Just looks like a tote sitting there — not a litter box.

    It’s a WINNER! And worth every bit of the $3.00 investment. If you have a cat, I’d HIGHLY recommend it.

    UPDATE: Today I came home from work to find the CleverCat knock off on it’s side :O Never fear, I righted it and all is well. Not sure how that happened but hope it’s only a one-time thing!

    Also, I purchased this hand dandy scoop thing today at PetSmart and GUESS WHAT!?! It hangs on the side of the litter tote thing and then the lid snaps down on top of it – COOL!


    I’m not sure how anybody could get so excited about a litter box and scoop…



    Yesterday’s run was great! 15 miles, 3-laps around the Rock. The weather was PERFECT. Could of, should of done 20, but since the MCM is out of the picture now I saw no reason to kill myself.

    I’m feeling great today and looking forward to the 15K Peachtree City Classic on 10/20. I’m certainly in good shape for that. I’ll drop a couple more lbs. before then and the weather will be crisp and cool — SO, so, so, so SO looking forward to that! Probably my most favorite race of the entire year. The course is run primarily on the golf cart trails in Peachtree City and the sponsor Publix delivers some AWESOME produce for the event. There is always a GREAT Expo the day of and the day prior and those Salad Cake people will be there! LOVE that stuff.

    This week is supposed to be a series of 5-mile runs with a rest day on Wednesday and Friday and 20 on Saturday. I’ll skip the 20 on Saturday, more than likely do 10 or something of that sort.


    Was a bum yesterday and slept in, didn’t run. But I knew I could switch today [which was to be a rest day] with yesterday. So, that’s what I did. 0 miles on the mill yesterday, and a GOOD 5-mile run today. Tomorrow will also be a rest day with a long run on Saturday.

    Tonight is WW weigh-in night. I’m hoping for 5.5 lbs. Will see…


    As Apple’s newest build of the Mac OS X 10.5, distributed to developers in June, is showing signs of nearing completion, I am getting increseingly more anxious! I have been waiting for this for almost 2 years. Last Friday night the build was seeded with 3 updates w/i hours of each other.

    I know how Apple is with numerology — freaky almost. So, I’ve got to wonder if 10.5 won’t be released on October 5. I had forgotten about this up until a week or so ago when a friend reminded me of the way they like to play with numbers. I remember in April when they announced that the new OS would be delayed until October because of the iPhone they said [it was supposed to ship in April], I thought then, ahhh…. 10.5, 10/5. Could it be, could it be?!?! We can only HOPE not to have to wait until the END of October!


    5 miles on the mill 🙂


    5 miles on the mill, GREAT run!

    I was such a bum last week! Couldn’t get motivated at all. This week will be better. Today was better. Although, I haven’t been sleeping well — a lot on my mind. Sometimes, I wish we didn’t have to sleep. There is so much to do and so little time in the day.

    Tomorrow and Wednesday will also be 5-mile days. Don’t know about Thursday yet — will probably be an off day just so I can get as much done around the house as possible. Friday will def be an off day AND Saturday will be 3 [maybe 4] laps around the Rock — CAN HARDLY WAIT!

    Saturday, should be our last long run of the MCM training. Tapering begins soon… Still don’t know if I’ll run. It is looking more and more doubtful though 😦


    5+ miles on the mill today. This is supposed to be a 10-mile day but I like so have no energy AT ALL. Didn’t hardly sleep at all last night; mind wondering with all kinds of wild thoughts and dreams…  Yesterday was supposed to be a 5-mile day and I couldn’t even drag myself out of bed in time for it. Tomorrow is supposed to be a 5-miler and Saturday a 10. We’ll see what happens but as of right now, it’s not looking too promising. Need some moe-toe-va-shun PLEZE HELP!

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