So, the alarm goes off yesterday morning, I pop up out of bed, my feet hit the floor — then it happens. I realize I can’t hear and everything is real dark. It gets darker fast, totally black, I fall back onto the bed and rest my head against the goodie machine. A few seconds, I guess, maybe 30-45 or so and everything is clear again [hearing and seeing] but I’m like really, really shaky. WEIRD, I feel really strange.

I was able to get it together enough to drive Sari Beri to school and then I had to get gas to make it back home. Did that, went back home — still really, really shaky. Felt like that most of the day.

I did get on the mill and eked out 3 miles.

I thought maybe my blood sugar was low but as the day progressed, and I ate, and still had the shakes I turned my focus more toward my blood pressure. In the afternoon I finally got out he blood pressure monitor and took my blood pressure to see what it was. Still feeling shaky and just plain weird, like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen or something… can’t really explain it, very, very weak and sort of disoriented. So, I take my BP and it’s like 93/64. Pretty low. I only wish I had taken it in the a.m. I fear it was significantly lower then.

I didn’t start feeling right until during church last night. Yes, somehow, I went to CFA for our usual Wednesday dinner and to church, crazy I know… When I got home, I took my BP again and it was much better 108/78. I know that still may seem low but that is about normal for me, for which I am grateful. My mom has been on meds for high BP since her 30’s.

This morning it was low again but not nearly as low as yesterday afternoon. I don’t really feel right but I don’t want to go to the dr. either. We’ll see… I’ll just keep monitoring it. I don’t know what they do for people with low BP anyhow and I sure am not going to get on some life-long regiment of meds, that’s for sure!

Maybe I’ll do some research on the Internet and see if I can find some other solution — organic, mineral, etc.

I am going to try to get on the mill in a while and see how that goes.

UPDATE: Feeling better this afternoon, like myself again. 3 miles on the mill.


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