3 really fast miles on the mill.

3 weeks and 3 days left ’til the Thanksgiving Day 1/2 marathon. Plans are to run this in under 2 hours, well under would be a nice thought. Would like to drop a lb or 2 before then.

My running partner completed the Marine Corps Marathon on yesterday in good time, 4:27 I think was her chip time. Considering she is very sick, has already been to the dr. a week ago, is on all kinds of meds including an antibiotic which doesn’t seem to have had any effect on the infection, I thought this time was quite commendable! She was planning a sub 4:00 but being sick really messed that up. She said the course had a LOT of out and backs. To a runner, that is probably the most discouraging kind of course — at least to me it is. The only thing worse, is a course full of hills that you weren’t prepared for or a really hot day when normally it’s 60-70 — thus the ING…and the ING had a really long out and back TOO! Back to the MCM– she said it was very windy and the amount of spectators was overwhelming. The finish line area sounded like a fiasco. However, one GOOD thing– she was able to go back to the hotel [although she had already checked out] and take a shower in the fitness area before heading to the airport– I’m sure everyone on the plane appreciated that! I’d like to do this next year, even with all the bad reports. I’d like to do it just once — after all, it is the “People’s” marathon, they say.

I was planning to go to the BIG Peach this week to get professionally fitted [again] for a new pair of running shoes. I did that about a year and a half ago at Phidippides. That’s when I switched from Nike, which I had always run in prior, to the Filas I currently run in– I’m on my third pair of Filas. Ever since I switched, I have had nothing but foot problems. So, I am considering going back to the Nikes or at least getting some advise on what I should be wearing.

I got an email this a.m. and as a part of their push to get people prepared for the upcoming ING, the BIG Peach is having a foot doctor [and I’m pretty sure this is the same foot doctor that my friend Anne recommended to me] at the BIG Peach on Saturday morning. He will speak on foot related issues, how to prevent them, care for them, etc., etc., etc. So, I registered for that. I was planning to go on Thursday but Saturday there will be a lot less traffic in Buckhead and it’s such a GREAT opportunity to meet this problem head on with some professional advice! I’m excited. AND, there will also be a group run from the BIG Peach– I’d like to do that as well if my running partner is up to it or if Anne is there, we’ll see…

Marathon training is about to start for the ING and I want to be prepared and give it my very best shot this time. So, for the next month, the month of November, I will be “preparing” which not only includes a new pair of running shoes but also seeing the chiropractor until I get this hip to stay in place, and purchasing some supplies at GNC. I’m going to give it my all this time in hopes of having a better ING experience and maybe, just MAYBE even being able to keep up with my running partner and post a sub 4:00! WHEW! That’s a tall order!

This weekend I did some exciting stuff around the house. I’d been in a quandary about these mini blinds in the kitchen, dining room, and living room — it’s all one BIG room :~) I know we spent a lot of $$ to have them custom made and all but that was 7 years ago, and I’m really SICK of them! AND, I’m sick of these lace curtains — they were expensive too, but they’re really not too stylish right now and they block a lot of the view… SO, I took down the curtains and raised the blinds, cleaned the windows inside and out and WHALA! It lets so much BEAUTIFUL sunlight in and really opens up the place. I had my decorator over [he he — my mom– that’s what she does for a living, how convenient, a friend in the drapery business] and she’s going to make new ceiling to floor draperies for all these windows, including the French doors that lead to the sunroom. We will use the existing rods and will only have to purchase a matching rod for the French doors and rings for all the rods. Instead of hanging the drapes from the woodwork where the rods are currently mounted we are going to extend the rods out, beyond the beautiful woodwork and up almost to the ceiling above the windows, giving the appearance of much larger windows and at the same time allowing for full sunlight when the drapes are open, a better view outside as well as of the beautiful woodwork around the windows. The mini blinds and history! I’M SO EXCITED!

We turned the heat on in the house for the first time this weekend, put the electric blanket on the bed. I’ll be moving my fall and winter cloths out to the front of the closet and putting the spring and summer stuff to the back soon. The leaves are changing and this is my favorite time of the year! November is going to be a good month which leads right in to December– all the smells and sounds of Christmas. The decorations are already out in the stores, the tree at work is up, and I started playing Christmas music in my office a week ago :~)


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