The first day of the last month of the year. 2007 has certainly flown by at the speed of light it seems.

I haven’t blogged all week, I know. People are questioning my commitment to this blog. There are several reason for my lack of blogging this week. I have been pretty upset about the whole Cole episode last week, I haven’t run any this week– sort of taking a week off before the ING Georgia Marathon training begins on Monday, and I have just been super, super, super busy! There was another reason but I forget what that was 😦

Anywho… There is lots to blog about.

My running partner and her CPA got a new kitten– Candy. Cody, their other cat, was so missing his side kick, Cole, that they decided to just go ahead and get another, and I think they made a wise decision. Candy is only 10 weeks old, bottle fed like Cole was and as sweet as can be– maybe even sweeter than Cole if that is at all possible. Cody likes her and Ellie likes her too. Of course we like her 🙂 She is a bundle of energy and is not at all intimidated by Cody’s size.

I’ve been busy the last 2 days getting ready for Sari Beri’s SWEET 16 party– YES, my baby is 16, or at least she will be on tomorrow. There was a big slumber party at our house last night, my running partner, her CPA and their 2 cats came down. Grandpa and grandma dropped by. I took the girls bowling after school. We ordered pizza for dinner. They watched Ratatouille, opened gifts and ate birthday cookie cake and ice cream. I think they finally hit the sack around 3 a.m. It’s so nice that Sari Beri has such nice and well-behaved friends 🙂 She is really blessed in that.

None of us got much sleep last night. The 3 cats stayed in our room most of the night. My bff was up at least once because BIG Cody was pouncing on the new little Candy. Then Cody kept going in and out of the bedroom door– I think he was restless. Sometimes he could get the door open by himself, sometimes he’s just scratch at it and I’d have to get up and open it for him. One time he was outside the bedroom door scratching at it trying to get in. So, I got up and let him in and he let out a little “meow” as if to say, “Thanks.” 🙂 Then he wanted to get up on the foot of the bed– after all, the other 2 cats were on the bed… However, the foot of the bed is Ellie’s territory– always has been always will be and she wasn’t about to let him up there! He tried about 4 times during the course of the night, each time met with resistance– growling and hissing… That’s Ellie’s bad side coming out! Candy slept most of the night in my armpit. YES, I said in my armpit! That’s where she likes to sleep. She is so sweet and purrs a lot. My bff doesn’t always snore but he was snoring a lot last night and every time he’d let out a BIG snore she’d start purring again… One of the girls is allergic to cats and forgot to bring her meds. So we gave her some we had early in the evening and about 3 a.m. they were knocking on our bedroom door in need of more meds. Needless to say, it was an interesting night. I made a BIG pot of Starbucks Christmas blend coffee this a.m. 🙂 Thanks Brian!

My running partner and I went for a nice long 7-mile run through the city this a.m. It was nice and I needed that– especially since I haven’t run since Thanksgiving Day :O

We will be making some special Christmas snowflake cookies today for a party we are going to tomorrow night. I’ve ordered special ingredients and decorations that you can only find at specialty stores and on the Internet for these cookies. It’s cost me an arm and a leg but they aught to be really, really beautiful.

I’m trying this weekend to get 10 more of the glass brick done. AND, my project for this evening is to finish cleaning out my closet– a MAJOR undertaking I started last Saturday!

Then, I just was reminded yesterday of another “secret” project I will delve into on Monday. I’ve got to get prepared for that…

The girls have a Christmas party tonight as well.

We have to bring refreshments for Sunday School tomorrow morning. And we are going out for lunch with some friends– I hope they sing “Happy Birthday” to Sari Beri he he he… AND, I hope Philip is working– he’s waiting tables now at the restaurant we’ll be going to. Then it’s back to church to decorate my table for the party Sunday night.

WHEW! What a weekend!

On top of all that, my new laptop arrived on Thursday. MacBook Pro, 2.6 GHz processor, 200GB hard drive at 7200 rpm and 2GB memory– which I hope to upgrade soon to 4GB. Believe it or not I haven’t even taken it out of the box. I’ve just had too much to do and I know when I take that thing out of the box I will be like totally consumed with it for days. So, I’m saving that for Monday…

BIGGER Tom told me yesterday that he’s coming home a week early from college– NEXT Friday. Evidentially, there has been an outbreak of Whooping Cough on campus and they are letting all the students go home a week early. They’ve also canceled all Sunday services, chapels and extensions. They will try to cram 2 week’s worth of exam prep and exams into 1 week! And this next week is when BIGGER Tom has his check ride with the FAA to get his license — that’s a BIG deal in itself. Please pray for him this week! I’m thinking next year, everybody and their brother on campus is going to be faking Whooping Cough!!!

Besides all that, there’s not much going on around here.

Oh yeah, my bff got a bad report from the doctor last week and has to go back on Monday for them to talk to him about cholesterol meds 😦


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