What a wonderful CHRISTmas spent with family at a beautiful log cabin in Ellijay.

Yesterday we picked up my running partner and her CPA at the busy ATL airport and headed up [with a Suburban PACKED TO THE GILLS] to Ellijay. The trip took us less then  1 1/2 hours and was filled with laughing and funny stories and the “A my name is Anna, my husband’s name is Adam, we come from Alabama, and we sell Apples…” game. WHAT A HOOT!

We arrived, unloaded and some of use got in a brisk walk through the woods keeping an ever watchful eye out for bears — they are known to be seen around these parts, sometimes even coming up to the cabin. All the way up here I rehearsed in my mind what I would do if confronted with one — PLAY DEAD – PLAY DEAD – PLAY DEAD — yeah…

After that, we had homemade chili and watched Polar Express. Unfortunately, I left our “traditional” Christmas movie at home — The Muppet Scrooge movie.

Looking out over Carter’s Lake last night at the gorgeous sunset was breathtaking! AMAZING beauty up here — I can’t imagine how it must look in the fall!

Bodies were everywhere last night as we retired. There is a bedroom down stairs that sleeps 2, a bedroom upstairs that sleeps 2, and a loft with a double and single bed — and then, there’s the living room with the fireplace. They also have a full basement with a very nice treadmill and flat screen TV :~) We are sharing the place with an outside dog named Valentine — he’s HUGE [some kind of special breed sheep dog] and OLD [12 dog years — 84 human years] and a parrot named Rico that likes my CHRISTmas cookies and at times can be very, very loud — but I like him, he whistles at me when I walk by… he he he he…

This morning we crawled out of bed much later than we did when we were kids. We’re all adults now. Breakfast was DElish with my mom’s special, homemade cheese danish and orange danish. YUM! And lots of HOT coffee. After breakfast we opened gifts, read from Luke 2 and discussed the goodness of our WONDERFUL God and how blessed we all are to be able to be together on this special day.

Over night there were only 8 of us here, later on today when everyone shows up there will be 22.

A CHRISTmas to remember…

BTW, the paparazzi is everywhere. Pics will be posted on facebook soon….


1 Response to “12.25.07”

  1. 1 Laura December 26, 2007 at 2:17 am

    We had such a wonderful time with all 19 of y’all!!! The fellowship was fantastic!!!!! and the FOOD as always was delish!!

    Wish we could have stayed for days and days!! Love you so much and I just can’t say “Thank you” enough for providing the passes!!! Without you and Phil, we would have not been able to make it up for this wonderful special CHRISTmas!! Thank you!

    Love ya!

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