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Fighting a cold here, or maybe it’s more than just that– I’m not really sure. It came on me Monday. On Tuesday [yesterday] I really felt bad- more so in the morning than the afternoon. Stayed home and did some work at home but mostly tried to rest. It’s the strangest thing– one minute I feel fine, the next I feel like I’m going to die. I felt so bad yesterday morning but then in the afternoon I felt pretty good [for a while] so I got on the mill for 3 fast miles. Then in the evening, I thought I was going to die again :[

This morning I didn’t feel good at all but made it into work. There’s just too much to do here that needs to get done that I can’t do at home. ZERO miles on the mill today.

Tomorrow is my regular off day– probably a good thing. I’ll see how I feel and if I can get a few miles in– suppose to be 10 but I’m sure it won’t be that! Tomorrow night we go weigh in at WW. I’m hoping for 1 lb. but quite possibly it won’t be. This hasn’t been a very good month. My hopes of being at race trim by the marathon are quickly fading. I’ll do good to lose another 5 lbs. But I feel really good where I’m at, so even if I don’t lose another 5, I’ll be OK.

This marathon training has been all but traditional. It will be interesting to see how it effects me on the actual day of the marathon. Hopefully, it will be something I can survive and learn from.




20 miles today. 4 laps around the Rock. That makes this a 46-mile week — pretty good.

It was COLD! Really Cold. But we have had colder training runs. I recall last winter a 20-miler in 20 degree weather! I bought a new Nike head/face cover thing at Dick’s last night and I’m SO glad I did. It really helped out. We did the Gu thing sort of like the instructions say — 1 15 minutes before the run and one every 5 miles. My stomach didn’t give me any problems whatsoever.

Tomorrow and Monday are rest days with 5 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 10 on Thursday and Saturday.


Fantastic fast 5+ mile run. Tomorrow will be a rest day with a nic, long 20-mile run on Saturday– 4 laps around the Rock. I can hardly wait!

Picked up some GU at Dick’s last night. I’ve always used Clif Shot but they’ve discontinued making it. Guess they’re going to concentrate on what they do best– the bars. I picked up 5 flavors: Strawberry Banana, Tri-Berry, Vanilla Bean, Orange Burst [doubt I’m going to like this one but thought I’d try it just the same], and ESPRESSO LOVE [with caffeine]– sure to be my favorite I’d suspect. 🙂 We’ll try them out on Saturday.


7 miles this a.m. Great run! I may just do 5 tomorrow. Looking forward to a 20-miler on Saturday 🙂

So, this week I’ve been working on yet another billboard for a client. This client says that 80% of their business comes from their billboards. And I think it’s SO COOL to ride down I-75 and see a billboard you created– I’ll never get used to that! And lest you think it’s a BIG DEAL creating a billboard, it’s not really. It’s the same amount of work to create a business card. The only difference– a billboard is a whole lot bigger!

Anywho… a new and wonderful discovery…


My mom picked up this magazine at JoAnn’s [of all places] and it’s really cool. Only 4 issues per-year though. Maybe they’ll expand… This is the Winter edition [just in case you didn’t notice]. It’s resembles a Martha Stewart magazine, very well done, AND, the best part… it’s a CHRISTIAN magazine with articles by Joyce Meyer, James Dobson, Gary Smalley and more. It’s packed with inspiration and Bible verses AND GET THIS!!! NOT ONE ADVERTISEMENT! The cost of a year’s subscription is only $18.95 which is not bad considering the quality.

Check out the web site [] and get your own subscription TODAY!


Another 7 miles this a.m. Good run.

Comparing the map from last year’s ING marathon to this year’s, the only changes I see are at the beginning and the end. Still that horrible out and back at Presidential Parkway, miles 18-20, the worst part of the entire course. If you can make it through that, you’re good to go! It’s quickly followed by Piedmont Park and all the cheering fans and that’s very rewarding.

The new beginning begins at Centennial Park and takes you down through Five Points and north on Piedmont Road where it joins the established course. The new ending begins after you exit Piedmont Park. After the uphill of 10th street instead of going north on Piedmont you turn south on Juniper to 5th to Techwood to North Avenue to Tech Parkway to Means and then a short run down Marietta Street back to Centennial Park.

The finish line at Centennial Park will be a marked improvement over last year’s which was so confusing at the crowded Under Ground.

I’m considering doing something a little different this year. I’m thinking about taking my iPhone along with me and using the earphones so that I can take calls. I’m wondering how many of my friends would actually call to see what mile I’m on and offer up words of encouragement — that sounds like fun to me. We’ll see…


My ING laces

I put them in my shoes today. They’re ready to go. Although, I may not run the marathon in this pair. I may get a new pair before then, but they’ll be this same brand and type– Mizuno Wave Rider 10. I’m still debating on what to wear. Of course that ultimately depends on the weather. Hopefully, it won’t be in the 80’s like last year. WHEW! That was rough. As for now, it’s a toss up between the official inaugural ING outfit I wore last year and that cute little black running skirt I bought recently. I’m leaning towards the running skirt. Ahhh… what’ll it be, what’ll it be?


7 miles on the mill this a.m. GREAT run! I’ll probably do something like that tomorrow thru Thursday, take a rest day on Friday and Saturday is supposed to be our first 20-miler of this training session– we’ll see how that goes 🙂


Well… the ATC race today in PTC is a no-go. The weather is on the ify side, it’s already raining and 36 at 7 a.m. Snow is on the heels of the rain and fast approaching. So, the race is off. The only winner today is the treadmill– it’s sucked me back into it again!

This afternoon the girls and I made a trip to the nail & hair salon — a “girl’s day out”, sort of. My running partner and I got a pedicure, Sari Beri got her nails done and my running partner got her hair cut as well. It was snowing heavily as I sat in the pedicure chair with my Starbucks in hand 🙂 and we drove home in what seemed to be a blizzard. I don’t believe I’ve ever driven in the snow. I know… seems odd.

This afternoon Sari Beri made snowmen. One is my bff, the middle one – me, and the little one is Sari Beri. How cute!


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