Resolutions: I don’t make resolutions, more like self-improvements. Last year, my “self-improvement” was not to pull any gray hairs. And I did that– “I” did that [there’s a story there]. Actually, my hair doesn’t look any different. I would have thought that I’d be covered up in gray hairs at this point, but no. And the story… Yesterday, while we were out and about touring Ellijay and Blue Ridge my running partner took it upon herself to PULL one of my gray hairs! One day to go on my “resolution”, 364 days I’d gone w/o pulling any gray hairs and the day before the end of the year and she pulls a gray hair. humm……. Well, it probably needed pulling, it was long and wiry and sticking out kind of funky. Oh well…

This year I have several “self-improvements” on my list. 1] I’m going to make a conscious effort to always drive the speed limit. Ok, CUT OUT THE LOL… I’ve actually been practicing some this week and let me tell you– this is going to be a tough one. 2] I’m ditching the purse– I’m sick and tired of carrying a purse with me everywhere I go so I’m just not going to any more. I have a Brighton wallet on a string, just big enough for my license, debit/credit cards, cash and my iPhone– that’s all I really need. Actually, I bought 1 Brighten wallet on a string and it’s a little larger than I’d like so I bought another and I think it will be just right. 3] I’m going to start a weight lifting program — don’t LOL! I don’t want to look like Ms. Universe or anything, I just want to strengthen my upper body a bit.

Today, the whole family is coming up to join us in Ellijay at the cabin, all except Bobby, Laura, Nicholas, Philip and Thomas đŸ˜¦ we’ll miss them. We are going to have the traditional meal of ham, blackeyed peas, rice, chow chow, cornbread and turnip greens. I love it all except the turnips– I’ll pass on that!

I created a 28-page book in iPhoto, from all the pictures we took at Christmas, and ordered each family a copy + I ordered a copy for Emil & Judy [that’s whose log cabin we are enjoying]. I think they will get a kick out of seeing how much fun we had in their place while they were on their European cruise up the Danube River. The book ended up costing $13.00 each which I thought was real reasonable for a 4-color photo book and it’s really classy looking!

Last night my running partner’s CPA build a fire in the fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores– that was a lot of fun!


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