I totally forgot to Blog about 2 events last week.

First, there was the white Grand Prix catching on fire. My bff purchased the white GP new back in 2000. I didn’t really like the car at first, but I guess it kind of grew on me. It really had a rough life though. First my bff drove it for a couple of years back and forth to work, then the kids got a hold of it. One of them rear ended someone in it and that one also used it one summer working a landscaping job and hauled all matter of materials in it [including pine straw- in the trunk]. When my running partner was in her final year of college she took it over and when she graduated we sold it to her for $1. Well, last month my running partner and her CPA decided to trade it in on a new car. The dealership was going to give them just $3000. for it so my bff says it’s worth more than that and I’ll buy it back from you for that. So, he buys back for $3000. a car he sold a year and a half ago for $1. hummm….. Well, last week he goes out to the parking deck at work to leave and come home. He starts the car, it back fires and catches on fire :O UNBELIEVABLE! And here’s the ironic part. He ended up getting it towed and guess where to?!? To the SAME dealership where it would have ended up at in the first place had my running partner and her CPA traded it in. So now, there it sets at the dealership waiting to be evaluated to see if the insurance company is going to total it or not. I hope they do!

Second, BIGGER Tom left us this weekend with a present. On Friday he’s sitting on the weight bench in the guest bedroom. He takes the weights off the leg end, leaves the weights on the press end, thinks he hears me coming up the driveway, stands up and WHALA! the weight bench lunges up throwing the weights on the press end through the wall!!!


So now I have 2 great big holes in the wall of the guest bedroom which is painted a color I’ll never be able to match and I don’t have any left over paint :[ Sari Beri says we just need to buy a book shelf…

Oh, and thirdly… I used the last of my Starbucks gift cards on Saturday. My running partner and I snuck out of H2H and made a Starbucks run in her new Solstice just before lunch. It’s going to be a long dry spell ’til my birthday and Mother’s day 😦


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