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3 miles on the mill.

Challenges this week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday we’re going to the Grand Opening of Upscale Pizza in Fayetteville, Mr. Cathy’s newest adventure. Rumor has it they will be giving away free chili dogs– that won’t be a challenge and hopefully that’s all they’re giving away. Friday night we will be making our loaded, 6 oz., 4-kinds of chocolate, chocolate chip cookies– hopefully I just won’t be in the mood. And Saturday, the PC Party at my running partner’s house. I think I can create a diversion with some good coffee, York peppermint patties, and a WW chocolate chocolate chip muffin.



Pretty good Run of the Mill 5K this morning, not my best time by far but I did win first in my age group which was pretty cool– been a long time since I got a trophy at a race. Must not have been anybody else my age running or something. My running partner won first in her age group as well 🙂 [as she usually does] and I got to run with a friend part of the way which is really nice ’cause usually I do this sort of stuff alone since my running partner is so very, very fast.

I’m feeling a little better today but still not quite there. I think I was just eating way too much fiber– too much Go Lean Crunch. So I cut back to once a day yesterday on that and I don’t think I’m going to have any today. I had been eating it twice a day for quite a while– I love that stuff 🙂 but with all the other fiber I have in my diet, well… that’s probably just too much.

I forgot to write but the tearoom on Wednesday worked out just fine. They had one thing on their menu that I could eat and I ate it and it was DElish! So no problemo there 🙂 We’re about to go to the wedding. I don’t know if there will be a reception– that was the other “challenge” for the week, but I’m good… if there is I’ll just have so fruit. I’m not really feeling like eating anywho.

I was like 3 lb. LESS this morning than Thursday– “see, I told you something was wrong with me” I’m going to put that on my tombstone. LOL!

The wedding reception was GREAT! A super array of vegitables and fruit– even mango! and York Pmint patties and a “fix your own favor” candy table [cool idea, we’ll have to write that one down in the idea book for Sari Beri’s wedding… someday]. So the challenge was met.

I’m def going to have to go to the podiatrist! My one foot hurts on the bottom and the other hurts on the top :-/

So… the week was a successful one. On to week #3… and the hope of seeing the 130’s


3 miles on the mill yesterday. Didn’t do anything with the weights. I felt SO bad it was all I could do to eke out the 3 miles. I’m feeling a little better today but still my bones or muscles or something aches all over. Not like I’ve got the flu or anything– this is different. Sort of like I’d imagine arthritis might feel :/ I sure hope I feel better tomorrow!

WW last night was not good. I was actually up by 2 or 3 lb. It was exactly 2 lb. more than my goal, so if I don’t drop that by next month I have to pay. That’s not going to happen– the paying I mean.

When Penguins Fly


3 good miles on the mill, then I hit the weights. Thought about adding some new routines but time prohibited– maybe Thursday.

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My running partner was diagnosed on Friday with HYPOthyroidism. She is now on medication for the condition and we hope and pray that the medication will regulate this and send it into remission and that it will not be a chronic on going condition that she has to be medicated for the rest of her life. I am so grateful that it was easily diagnosed and is easily treated and hope that she feels better very, very soon!

I used to be an “early to bed early to rise” kind of person but the last year or so that’s not been the case, especially the last few months. I seem to need more and more rest than I did in the past in order to function normally and even then I haven’t been “functioning normally” as of late 😦 but that’s a whole other post!

The inability to drag myself out of bed at an early hour is one thing that so greatly sabotaged my training schedule for the last marathon.

Anywho… on this 3-miles 3 times a week + weights thing that I’m doing now I’ve figured out that instead of Monday, Wednesday, Friday I can do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and only have to get up early one morning– Tuesday. And even at that, if I run tonight, I won’t have to get up early tomorrow morning. Sounds pretty lazy but it gets the job done.

Last week went well. I stuck to it all week and dropped 2.2 lbs. GOOD JOB!

Challenges this week: 2, The first being a luncheon date on Wednesday at a local tea room. Unfortunately, their online menu is rather vague, it only says “salads”. Well, “salads” can mean a broad range of things. I thought about taking my own salad but think that that would be just a little too odd. I’ll just hope there is something “friendly” on the menu. If not, I’ll just forgo and eat later. The second challenge will be a wedding on Saturday. Actually, the wedding won’t be the challenge, the reception will be. Hopefully, they’ll have bottled water maybe some fruit and we won’t hang around too long.

My running partner and I are running a 5K Saturday morning that I am so excited about 🙂 It’s a charity inaugural event and for a good cause. That will be my 3 miles for Saturday and who knows, maybe we’ll do an additional 7 through the city after that. It’s about time for a nice run through the city

Today is the Boston Marathon and I’m hoping to keep up with is online. Coverage starts about right now and I’m hoping to be able to keep up with it online but who knows… the Internet connection at the office is a little less that reliable 😦

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