Pretty good Run of the Mill 5K this morning, not my best time by far but I did win first in my age group which was pretty cool– been a long time since I got a trophy at a race. Must not have been anybody else my age running or something. My running partner won first in her age group as well 🙂 [as she usually does] and I got to run with a friend part of the way which is really nice ’cause usually I do this sort of stuff alone since my running partner is so very, very fast.

I’m feeling a little better today but still not quite there. I think I was just eating way too much fiber– too much Go Lean Crunch. So I cut back to once a day yesterday on that and I don’t think I’m going to have any today. I had been eating it twice a day for quite a while– I love that stuff 🙂 but with all the other fiber I have in my diet, well… that’s probably just too much.

I forgot to write but the tearoom on Wednesday worked out just fine. They had one thing on their menu that I could eat and I ate it and it was DElish! So no problemo there 🙂 We’re about to go to the wedding. I don’t know if there will be a reception– that was the other “challenge” for the week, but I’m good… if there is I’ll just have so fruit. I’m not really feeling like eating anywho.

I was like 3 lb. LESS this morning than Thursday– “see, I told you something was wrong with me” I’m going to put that on my tombstone. LOL!

The wedding reception was GREAT! A super array of vegitables and fruit– even mango! and York Pmint patties and a “fix your own favor” candy table [cool idea, we’ll have to write that one down in the idea book for Sari Beri’s wedding… someday]. So the challenge was met.

I’m def going to have to go to the podiatrist! My one foot hurts on the bottom and the other hurts on the top :-/

So… the week was a successful one. On to week #3… and the hope of seeing the 130’s


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