All challenges were met last week with the exception of one of Sari Beri’s Jumbo Mumbo 6 oz., 4 kinds of chocolate + roasted pecans, chocolate chip cookies that I throughly enjoyed Friday night. The grand opening of Upscale Pizza was not a problem. They came around, prior to the ribbon cutting, with samples of their hot dog, which looked really plump, juicy and yummy in a sweet dough bun, but that wasn’t a temptation at 9:30 in the a.m. They also handed out bottle water– I went for that! Making the cookies Friday night was a reward– I figured I deserved that since I’m down 5 lb. in 3 weeks. And Saturday at the PC party [it was an ALL Chocolate one– they seem to be really popular as of late] I took WW chocolate chocolate chip muffins and had one of those with a delicious, HUGE cup of black coffee [Starbucks of course] and that was enough to satisfy me. I’d never had a WW chocolate chocolate chip muffin before that I can recall and it was very, very good.

The challenges for this week will be only one that I foresee, that being the CFA First 100 Campout. However, I have taken my own food to these before and it wasn’t a problem. I like my own food better than CFA 😮 And secondly, I can’t find anyone that will go with me to the campout so it’s likely I won’t be going at all :/ how very, very sad! So, looks like I’m good for this week. I might even, quite possibly, get in a long run at the Rock on Saturday– Whoo Hoo!

Ope nope, just remembered… one more challenge this week– Friday night, dinner and a show with a friend. If we eat dinner at the same place we did last time I don’t think it will be a problem. I think I remember ordering and enjoying a nice dinner salad there last time. We shall see…

I’m getting a bit concerned about my custom Starbucks gift card that I ordered online last month. I have been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival– eagerly checking the mail each and every day, but no card. Tuesday will be 4 weeks since I ordered it. I have a confirmation page and # but still no card and the charge has not appeared on the Master Card. I emailed customer service at Starbucks last night but haven’t heard anything back :/

Today is my bff’s birthday and we celebrated with shrimp, salad, bread and baked potato. OH, and there was that chocolate cake 🙂 a few gifts, a little singing of the birthday song, birthday spanking, etc., etc., etc. It’s so nice to have a bff that still has birthdays.


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