This morning at 11:00 I have an appointment with the best sports medicine podiatrist in Atlanta. It was a miracle that I got in to see him! When I called to make the appointment last Friday I was just HOPING to be able to get to see ANYONE in his practice w/i the next month or so. The appointment secretary said that Dr. Julian [the head guy in the practice] JUST had a cancellation for Monday at 11:00 and that it was VERY unusual. Usually the wait for him is a month or more. He works on the feet and ankles of the Braves and Falcon players [and others] and today, he’s going to be working on MY feet– or foot to be more specific. I’m just SO hoping he says “custom orthotics” and not “surgery”!

WoW! What a BIG Birthday Weekend! I was SO tired yesterday, so sleepy in church.

This week SHOULD be a week w/o “challenges”. Of course, that’s what I thought last week too. The only possible foreseeable challenge that I can even imagine would be a reception after graduation on Friday night, but that’s usually just cake from Sam’s and that really doesn’t interest me in the least!

Another week and 4 days ’till WW and it aught to be a REALLY good month!

This is the last week of school for us. Actually, Sari Beri only has 2 full days and 3 half days, and I think 2 of those half days are really only 1 period days ’cause she’s exempt from some of her exams. GO SARI BERI! Then the goal of the summer= drivers license šŸ˜®

Just returned from the Atlanta Food and Ankle Center [and Whole Foods & Starbucks :-)] and here’s the low-down: read chapters 2-4 and 13 of his book “Sure Footing” [I received a copy of this book when I heard Dr. Julien speak at the BIG Peach about 6 months ago];

stretch 8 x a day; ice 2 x a day; I have a new orthotic [which I think they sell at the BIG Peach for about $65– I’ve looked at this particular one before, but I got it at their cost evidently for only $35!]; AND I have this lovely new night partner:

I’ll go back in 6 weeks– the day before the Peachtree to be exact, AND if I’m improving… GREAT!, but if I’m not, then we’re looking at custom orthotics and a Cortisone shot! YIKES! I HATE needles!

The “official” diagnosis is plantar fasciitis [fashee-EYE-tiss]. I have bone spurs on both heels– nothing was said about surgery to remove these. They’re not really the problem he said. He said he can look at the ExRays and tell that the problem has been developing over a long period, probably 7 years+ and that is was part hereditary and part my fault– over use I guess šŸ˜¦ But he said it was a good thing I was lite because a heavy person would have a much worse case– another incentive for keeping the weight off! He also said that even though my eyes were beautiful I still had to stretch 8 x a day [at least]– I thought that was kind of weird of him to say that… Oh yeah, I’ve got to cut my running back 25% šŸ˜¦ I didn’t have to run on the mill for him but he did take a good look at my running shoes and had me walk down and back a long hallway barefooted. He said my running shoes were a good choice for my mechanics – WHEW! Anywho… it was a good experience. We’ll see what takes place over the next 6 weeks.


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