I don’t even know where to begin…

The boot thing last night was pretty much a miserable experience ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was sort of like trying to sleep with a ball and chain attached to your foot all night. I really feel for people who have a broken leg and have to sleep wearing a big old cast for weeks on end! I followed doctors orders and wore it anyway– ALL the LONG night long. And the night was surely long! Now I’m sleep-deprived but when I got out of bed this morning my foot didn’t hurt at all. So, maybe this is a good thing after all. I will die sleep-deprived but without foot pain– what a way to go!

I iced last night and again this morning. Will do that twice a day for the next 6 weeks. I’m also taking acetaminophen a couple times a day for this first week – maybe that will jump start the anti-inflammatory process.

The book Sure Footing gives the best description I’ve heard yet for Plantar Fasciitis: “Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue located along the bottom of the foot that extends from the heel bone to the base of the toes and supports the arch of the foot.”

I’ve decided to stretch at the top of every hour and it seems like every time I turn around it’s the top of the hour … again. So far, I’ve stretched at the top of every hour since I think 7 this morning. Hope I can keep this up for 6 weeks as well and it will just become a habit.

I’m eager to get in a good run with these new orthotics in my running shoes and see what that’s like.

Another thing about the boot… my back and hip were already hurting a little before I put the boot on last night. I hadn’t been to the chiropractor since before the marathon in March. Well, when I put that boot on and it started pulling my plantar band which is attached to the Achilles tendon, which is attached to the calf muscle, which is attached to the knee joint, which is attached to the largest muscle in your body, which is attached to your hip joint [I think it goes something like that] well… the pain intensified significantly and I KNEW I’d be in to see the chiropractor today. And so I was. + two of my friends, one who has been through this before and one that works for a chiropractor, told me last night how related the two were– and they were right. After all, this is the same side as the hip I always have had problems with. I’d just never thought about it like that.

So, I was in to see my friend the chiropractor today and now I feel much better. He too has been through this and had some wisdom to share. He’s not real big on the boot ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

It will be interesting to see how the boot is tonight. Hopefully, I’ll just get used to it, although I can’t imagine how, and it won’t continue to cause a problem with my hip. I’ll have to say though I was really out of line when I got to the chiropractor so maybe tonight will be better!

My custom made Starbucks card came yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ Had to share something good.


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