3 miles on the mill early a.m.

Slept good with the boot last night unlike the night before when I ended up taking it off about 2 a.m. You just never can tell if it’s going to be a good night with the boot or a bad night with the boot and I can’t really put my finger on what makes it a good night or a bad night :/

Got to call the podiatrist’s office today and see if I can run the Peachtree the day after getting a cortisone injection. I’m three weeks into this treatment and really things are not a whole lot better so I fear when I return on July 3 I’m going to end up getting the injection and I’m just not sure what all that entails and if I’ll be able to run the day after or not. May have to change the date of my next appointment.

After 5 days of neglecting the points tracker, without too much consequence I might add, I’m back on track this morning.

Challenges this week: That Key Lime Pound Cake sitting on the counter and a wedding reception on Saturday night.

I’m looking forward to a long run with my running partner on Friday morning– 2 laps around the Rock I believe it will be 🙂

Today I plan to go in to work and grab a few files then head on up to Starbucks [they have their new AT&T network set up] and work from there for a few hours. I went up there on Saturday and tried to jump on the network but couldn’t remember our password. It took me all weekend to figure it out. Now I’m set 🙂

Hopefully tonight I’m going to get a coat of Kilz on the guest bedroom walls and then tomorrow I’ll be picking out paint. BIGGER Tom says we should go with a gray but I think a nice neutral cream color [Latte color that’s it!] is what I’m looking for 🙂

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go down Mt. Carmel Road! It’s an unbelievable mess!!! A repaving project began there this morning and will last for six weeks. They are actually removing the existing road so the part they are working on presently [between the Clarks/Broeres and Chambers Road] is actually DIRT! I’ve never seen them do that before. I’m sure it’s going to be nice but for now avoid it at all costs!

🙂 getting work done at Sbucks is the life!


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