Happy 2-year anniversary to my running partner and her CPA 🙂

Yesterday, which was supposed to be “jump back on the wagon day” ended up being a complete wash points wise. It was great until I got home late about 4:00 in the afternoon and I was starving because lunch was just a latte and I knew dinner was going to be late. And then there was that Key Lime Pound Cake staring me in the face and calling my name. SERIOUSLY! It was almost an audible sound… calling my name and saying, “eat me, eat me…” So, I gave in and had a piece. Funny thing though, I weighed less this morning than yesterday morning :-0 But now, the remaining pound cake is safely tucked away in a plastic container and hidden in the microwave– out of sight, out of mind. It will be a better day today.

Anywho… we’re off to a violin lesson soon then up to meet my running partner 1/2 way. Sari Beri is going to spend a few days with her. I’ll be back up there on Friday morning for a long run at the Rock and I can hardly wait! On Friday Sari Beri and I will bring Cody and Candy home with us while my running partner and her CPA go on vacation. That’s always a fun time, Ellie get’s to have company =^..^=

We’re going to stop by Bath & Bodyworks on our way today– they are having their BIG semi-annual clearance sale. Some items that are usually like $9.00 – $12.00 are now just $3.00. + I have a $10.00 off coupon! SO, clearance + $10.00 off = good deal.

I may come back by Starbucks and work a while– haven’t decided yet. It’s either that or come home and start painting the guest bedroom… but I could do that another day. I’m working on a site that I really need to get up and fast- been working on it for like 5 months! Just can’t get it together and be satisfied with it. I do have to get the guest bedroom done before Friday though. Right now all the furniture and stuff is piled up in the living room and that’s a BIG mess!


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