For some time now I’ve been thinking about how I could be a little more Green. I already recycle water bottles, Coke cans and newspapers but what more could I do? Yesterday I was wondering how my local sanitation department might help me to be more Green so I went to their website and this is what I found:


Thank You…for your interest in our Recycling program. We applaud your efforts and concern for our environment. Below are the guidelines you need to follow to ensure success in our program.

You will need to bag your recyclables in 39 gallon clear or clear blue plastic bags. You can purchase these at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Kroger, Home Depot or most anywhere groceries or home items are sold. Each type of recyclable can be bagged in the same bag. We collect recyclables co-mingled. At the recycle facility they are then sorted and reused. Below are the types of recyclable material accepted:

  • All rinsed plastic jugs and soda bottles
  • All dry newspapers
  • All rinsed aluminum cans
  • All rinsed tin cans
  • All glass of all color
  • Cut Cardboard

At this point in time, we are picking up recyclables at no charge to you. As participation increases, we will eventually have to go to a separate pick up in a separate truck. When this occurs, we may have to charge a fee to cover the cost of continuing the recycling program.

* All plastic, aluminum and glass must be rinsed out thoroughly to avoid contamination. Please remove all lids from plastic, glass and metal items.

* Put out only bags that are full, by source separating most families can store their recyclable up to a month before the bag is full.

* Recycle only those items that you can accumulate a lot of.

Presently, we will be picking up recyclables at the curb on the same day as your regular household trash. We will pick up the recyclables in a 2 yard cage built onto the side of the truck. Currently, when our cage is full we cannot pick up anymore recycles material on that day. We apologize for this; however, we are proud to say that we are the only hauler recycling at all. Our participation in recycling is not high enough to run a separate truck.

So, I’m going to purchase some 39-gallon clear or clear blue plastic bags and step up my GO GREEN efforts to also include the recycling of plastic jugs, soda bottles, tin cans, glass and cut cardboard.

I am interested to see the first time I put out one of those bags of recyclable goods on trash day if the workers actually pick it up as recyclables or just throw it in with the rest of the trash. Right now, the truck automatically picks up my can and dumps it in the trash truck– the workers don’t even have to get out of the truck. When I put out my bag of recyclables they are going to have to actually get out of their truck. I gotta think they’re not going to like that :-/


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