Our Internet is being dumb again this morning so I don’t know if I’m even going to get this post posted. It’s been in a “slow down” mode for the last few months. Mostly we’ve noticed it at night. However, this week it’s been an incredible pain. So much so that I spent an hour+ on the phone with “Glenn” from INDIA which resulted in a service call on Tuesday afternoon that did us absolutely no good! Supposedly, our router is bad but if we buy the all-in-one Bellsouth router/modem combo this would fix all our problems? Well, not ALL our problems… just the problem with our slow Internet. Anywho… I don’t think that’s the problems at all. I don’t think a bad router would be bad some of the time and fine other times. So now IDK what to do :/ I hate to pay whatever it is we’re paying per month for this servcie and be stuck with this dumb, slow Internet.

It’s been a pretty good week points wise. I stuck to the plan all 7 days and lost 2.4 lb. which in no way makes up for the lousy week prior to that in which I gained 3.2 :/ Anywho… headed in the right direction… again…

Challenges in the week to come: Father’s Day, the whole family is coming over and there will be flank steak, baked potato, salad, bread and Death By Chocolate cake 😮 We’ll see how that goes. Then a week from today we leave for MOA and I’m not even going to TRY to follow any kind of points schedule for those day! Way too much good stuff going on.

Yesterday I had two doctor appointments, both went well. One was extremely helpful in the mid-life crises department. And I’m awaiting test results from one–that should take about a week.

I slept better last night than I have in months even with the boot on and even after learning that one of my friend’s mother has cancer in the advanced stages– this really upset me, even brought me to tears and I hardly EVER cry! Then when we got home last night my running partner told me of this happening where she and her CPA are on vacation Man found dead after falling from Myrtle Beach hotel window. Evidently, they were one of the first to arrive on the sceene even before the emergency personell or police. Very disturbing! I just kept repeating to myself as I fell asleep, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” Isaiah 26:3 [This verse hangs over the water cooler in the office complex I work in. I hung it there some 7 years ago on the day a certain someone told me they were leaving.] I slept so well last night that I didn’t even her the BIG Boy [Cody] turn over the recliner in the living room during the night. We got a pretty good rain during the night last night for which I am very grateful. Ward and June are grateful too — that’s my tomato plants. Yes, I named them :-/

Today, Sari Beri and I have some errands to run and maybe another “driving lesson”.

About to get on the mill for a short and quick 3-mile run.

Tomorrow is the Expo for the Army Hooah 10K that will be on Saturday morning. I’m really looking forward to that [the race, not so much the Expo]. Last year the Expo was pretty lame but you have to go to pick up your tshirt and bib. So, I’ll go…

I guess I may have already reported that I received my Peachtree bib this week. I’m in Time Group 2 this year as opposed to the usual Time Group 1. I didn’t have a good enough qualifying time to send in with my app to make it into Time Group 1 :-/

Oh, and I learned yesterday that the new iPhone will require a 2-year contract with AT&T which really isn’t a problem BUT it’s going to be $10 more per-month for the 3G network service than the current 2G service. BUMMER! July 11– can’t wait! It’s TWICE as FAST! I want a white one…

Ok so today was “Driving Lesson #2” and we saw marked improvement! Sari Beri is learning to pit inside the box… and actually, it was her first drive out on the “open road” sort of. And this is a picture of her FIRST “OFFICIAL” PARKING JOB [it took a couple of tries]– Starbucks of course… we needed to make a pit stop.

Yesterday we got “The Real Yellow Pages” along with the white pages delivered to our front door. I’ve got to think this is kind of antiquaited and wonder how much longer are they going to continue to produce AND deliver these? I mean, seriously… I can’t even remember the last time I used the Real Yellow Pages. I just Google if I want to find a number or info. Don’t most people?


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