I now have my chip and bib for the Army HOOAH 10K on tomorrow morning and I’m getting SO excited! I LOVE this race. It’s one of my favorites. It’s fast and flat, a GREAT Peachtree qualifier, and we all KNOW I need that! It’s run through familiar territory [College Park & East Point] where I grew up, so I love that. I like that fact that it’s chiped and official. I don’t so much like the fact that you have to pick up your race pack the day before. That means an extra trip up to the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park and with the cost of gas + you have to pay $5.00 to park and I wasn’t in the place 2 minutes! I talked to someone in charge and he said they are going to change that for next year and do the normal “morning of the race” chip and tshirt pick up. That’s a good thing because even as much as I enjoy this race I was thinking I wouldn’t do it next year if I was going to have to drive all the way up there the day before, AND pay for parking, to pick up my race pack. There are a lot of good goodies in the pack. Not just my small race tshirt but also an XL [one size fits all] black Army tshirt. I’ll probably give that one to my bff or BIGGER Tom. There’s a couple of Army pencils, a mouse pad [not sure what I’ll do with that– prob BIGGER Tom], an Army dog tag type keychain, an Army luggage tag, an Army drink bottle, another Army keychanin [do you see a theme here?] AND some Biofreeze– LOVE that stuff. All of that comes in a pretty nice bag as well. Good stuff! I’m #187, a pretty low number; hope I can do it justice. I’m really hoping for a good run. I need a good run.

I beat the system! Yesterday I bought a certain electronic item from Target. Along with the item you also get a $15.00 Target gift card. Well, I really didn’t want a $15.00 Target gift card. I’d rather them just discount the item by $15.00 or give me $15.00 cash that I could spend where I want to spend it. So, over night I had a thought… I’ll go back to Target, to the Starbucks in Target, and see if I can purchase a Starbucks gift card with the $15.00 Target gift card and WHALA! You can! So I did! Then I proceeded up to the freestanding Starbucks [my Starbucks] and had them put the $15.00 balance on my custom Starbucks card. Now THAT I can live with!

You know, I really shouldn’t be so hard on myself about not making Time Group 1 for the Peachtree. After all, there are 9 Time Groups. Time Group 2 is not all that bad!


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