So, you know I’m getting into this recycling thing, even thinking about how I can do a compost pile and all. I recently found this interesting article on recycling:


You already know about newspapers, cans and bottles. But in most communities today, you can also recycle:

  • Magazines, glossy newspaper inserts, phone books and “junk mail”
  • Paperwork, such as old account statements and receipts [just be sure to shred them first for security]
  • Plastic-lined paper cartons [such as for orange juice]
  • Cardboard
  • Electronic goods, including computers, printers and related hardware, cell phones, PDAs, pagers and used rechargeable batteries


The average American uses more than 730 pounds of paper a year, making the U.S. the wolrd’s greatest paper consumer, according to New York-based recycling services company Sprint Recycling. But if each copier in the U.S. made just five fewer copies a day, that could save up to 1.4 million trees. Here are four painless ways to do your part [and save money on your paper purchases, too]:

  • Go double-sided for multiple-page print and photocopy jobs
  • Use the blank side of old documents for scrap paper
  • Send or save e-copies instead of printing
  • Opt for online billing and statements for banks, credit cards, etc.


Another way to minimize your landfill contributions: If you can’t recycle it, try giving it a new job. For instance:

  • Turn used dryer sheets into furniture dusters
  • Use plastic grocery bags to line small wastebaskets or to scoop up after your pooch at the park
  • Turn paper bags into arts-and crafts supplies or a biodegradable weed guard [place in your flower beds under the mulch]
  • Use empty plastic food containers to store anything from that leftover casserole to cotton balls

Try just a few of these ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to making a real difference. Not that’s something to feel good about!

You see, it’s not all about recycling; it’s also about reducing and reusing. Our family already does the parts in green but we are striving to do more in the future for the good of this planet and those to follow us.


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