6.15.08 Who’s Your Daddy

Father’s Day: I often feel sorry for fathers on Father’s Day. It’s not the same as Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day the sermon at church is always so nice to mom, encouraging her to keep up the good work. The opposite is true for fathers on Father’ Day. Usually the sermon to them is one of exhortation to be better fathers. Most of the time they get beat up good at church on their day while us mothers are just showered with blessings. I’m glad I’m a mom 🙂

I don’t think dads really expect anything on Father’s Day —and besides, most of the Father’s Day gifts you see advertised are things involving work: tools, grills, and other mechanical implements. I can just see dad now… “Hey, thanks! Cordless hedge trimmers! I can’t wait to get out there and trim the bushes on Father’s Day.” Nope. Dads generally just seem to be happy to go quietly about their work without anyone making a big fuss over them. A card? Sure, but stay away from the hedge trimmers. Really.

Father’s Day here at the Burnette house was very nice! All the kids were able to make it and they all went in together with me to get their dad an iPod Nano. He thinks he’s not too techno savvy but he’s well on his way now. I was surprised at all the features the Nano had. I think he’s really going to like it.

Got my dad a pretty cool flash light that he’s been wanting and it was nice that he and my mom could join us for lunch! It’s always so nice to have them around.

Lunch was great as usual! Flank steak, baked potato, salad, bread, Death by Chocolate cake [that fortunately DID NOT stand up to it’s name] AND Starbucks coffee, of course.

It wasn’t a day for counting points. However, I was able to contain my little points benge to a 24 hour period which was good. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the points wagon– at least for 3 days :-0 then it’s off to the Mall of America. BOY! I hope we get First Class!!! I sometimes forget how long a flight that is– almost 3 hours.

So, we won’t speak of challenges this week. Shouldn’t be any, just 3 normal, everyday days then off to MOA…

Oh, I should say that I am VERY thankful for God’s protection! I almost did a really stupit thing today. Well, I DID do a really stupid thing. The last thing before lunch was to be served I was quickly cleaning up where the flank steak had been cut. I grabbed the electric knife and tried to remove the blades before unplugging it– one should never do this! And WHALA! My hand hit the trigger! I almost cut my fingers really, really bad and that would not have been a good thing let alone in front of a croud of hungry people including myself. I was SO hungry I thought had I cut my fingers I may have had to just wrap them up in a towel, eat, and THEN go to the ER. Fortunately, the Lord protects even stupid people and SOMEHOW, I’m not sure how it happened, but I didn’t cut my fingers at all. Next time I hope I will be more careful.


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