WHEW! What a day!

Up early, early, early to catch the first flight out to MSP. We didn’t quite make First Class as I’d so hoped we would, but we were in the bulkhead seats directly behind First Class which are pretty good seats, offering ample leg room– like somebody my height needs leg room…

The flight up was uneventful which is always a good thing. We arrived in plenty of time to check in to the hotel. catch the shuttle to the mall and be there just as it opened– PERFECT timing!

My running partner bought an unprecedented number of shoes today. I think it might just be the most she’s ever bought in a one day period — possibly a Guinness Book of World Records, for her. Me? Just some goodies from Bath and Body Works and VS. Sari Beri bought A BUNCH of stuff! Not even going there… And would you believe she left all her $$$ at home! YES! She left her $$$ at home. We are going to the Mall of America and she leaves her $$$ at home. What WAS she thinking!?! UNBELIEVABLE! That’s OK, we hit up an ATM at the airport in ATL and saved the day. Thanks dad!

Anywho… Lunch was at Wolfgang Puck’s Express and WoW! was it ever good! Going back there again for lunch tomorrow. Dinner was at Rainforest Cafe. It was good too. I think we may go to Kokomo’s Island Cafe tomorrow night. Had Starbucks as well as Caribou Coffee. Tomorrow I’m going to have Gloria Jean’s– that’s big up here. Can you say, “Taste Test”? Caribou is the really BIG thing though and I’m sure I will have some more of that tomorrow as well, especially since I still have 3 FREE drink coupons for Caribou. We got them at the ING Marathon in March– NICE! The drink I had today from there was free. A $5.00 drink for FREE. Good deal! The P.B. Loco is no longer. That was going to be my lunch today. BUMMER! But I totally forgot about a neat little bakery at the airport. They have DELICIOUS cookies and pastries. I’ll grab a peanut butter cookie there on my way out on Saturday and that will suffice. We hit up the Lindt Truffle place in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up and for dessert tonight– COLDSTONE CREAMERY! mmmmmmm…….

Who knows how many points I scarfed down today. No one’s counting!

Oh, and tonight, when we got back to the hotel, and I started to unpack my suitcase… guess what I found?!? A LOVE NOTE, he he he he… =^..^=


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