So, I DID have a mid-life crisis yesterday and I bought this.

It took me about an hour and half to build it, it’s remote control and I can HARDLY WAIT to get home and chase Ellie cat around the house with it. he he he he…

I also found a new swim suit yesterday [no pictures of that]. I’ve been looking for quite a while and this one is a really cute black, baby doll suit that is very well constructed. Got a GOOD DEAL on it too.

The girls bought more shoes. They’ve bought 10 pairs total 😮

I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get all this stuff home. Some of it takes up quite a bit of room – the Mini, the shoes. However, we did bring an extra, empty suitcase and I recall one time when we bought a basketball up here [actually, we got it for free with something else we bought] and we managed to get that home. So, I suppose we’ll manage.

Lunch yesterday was at Wolfgang Puck’s AGAIN. LOVE THAT PLACE! I think it might be our “new little find”. The food is OUTSTANDING and you really can’t beat the prices. It’s tradition to eat at Rainforest Cafe but that’s so expensive and the food is good I’d say, but not outstanding like Wolfgang’s.

Dinner was at a new place as well. We didn’t even know it existed before this trip. Maybe it’s new? But it’s on the third floor of Nordstrom and it’s called Nordstrom Cafe. The food Sari and I got was really good but my running partner didn’t like hers 😦 Maybe we’ll go back there, maybe not.

Went to Gloria Jean’s coffee shop yesterday and Caribou. Visited Lindt again. AND, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a Granny Smith apple, smothered in caramel, dipped in milk chocolate, rolled in pecans and drizzled with white chocolate and milk chocolate… mmmmmmm… That was dessert last night with coffee.

This morning I skipped the treadmill, elliptical and bike. I’m pretty sore from yesterday and all this walking. My calves are pretty tight. I’ve been wearing the boot at night and I iced last night and I’ve been stretching a good bit.

We are all pretty tired and made a decision yesterday to come home early today. We were going to catch the 4:10 flight out but now we are going to catch the 11:55 flight. My running partner still has quite a jont in front of her, even after we get home. She has to come to our house from the airport to pick up her car, and then it’s like another hour for her to her house. So, 4:10 was a bit late to be leaving here for her. + like I said, we’re all pretty tired.

The hotel here has a delux continental breakfast, you know, the kind with the make-it-yourself waffles. Well, most of the hotels I’ve stayed in with the continental breakfast thing don’t like you to leave the eating area with your food. However, this one actually provides trays so you can take the food back to your room or whereever. NICE! This morning, while I blogged away… my running partner played “room service” and brought me my breakfast on a tray. SWEET!


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